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Covid-19: Brazil’s top prosecutor defends telecoms data collection scheme

With Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court set to decide the lawfulness of a government order for telecoms companies to provide information on up to 226 million residents, the country’s attorney general has issued an opinion arguing that government’s scheme is constitutional given the circumstances presented by the covid-19 pandemic.

04 May 2020

Bolsonaro orders postponement of Brazil’s data protection law

Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro has issued a provisional measure that delays the enforcement of the country’s new general data protection law until May 2021.

30 April 2020

Covid-19: Brazilian court suspends government’s collection of telecoms data

Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court has suspended government plans to collect up to 226 million residents’ data in order to conduct an economic survey in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

27 April 2020

New Brazilian blockchain platform promises easier path to foreign bank entry

Brazil’s central bank has launched a data-sharing blockchain platform, in a move that has been touted to facilitate foreign banks setting up shop in the country.

23 April 2020

LGPD should come into force on schedule, prosecutors say

Brazil’s federal prosecution’s office is urging legislators to not postpone implementing the LGPD, arguing that the data protection law is needed now more than ever in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

15 April 2020

Covid-19: Brazil to vote on postponement of LGPD

Brazilian legislatures are scheduled to vote tomorrow on a covid-19 aid package, which will include a provision that delays the country’s data protection law until 2021.

02 April 2020

LGPD looms, but still no data protection commissioners for Brazil

The lack of a data protection authority in Brazil has left unanswered questions about how to follow the impending General Data Protection Law – and some companies are delaying compliance efforts until more clarity is provided.

12 March 2020

Prosecutors shut down Brazilian data broker

Brazilian authorities have cancelled the domain name of BaseUp as part of an investigation into the company for allegedly selling the personal data of more than 10 million people.

25 February 2020

Facebook: Privacy laws will dampen 2020 ad revenue growth

Emerging privacy laws and other restrictions on targeted advertising will likely reduce Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2020, according to a senior executive at the company.

30 January 2020

Brazilian company investigated over data sales

Prosecutors in Brazil’s Federal District suspect a company may have illegally sold more than 10 million individuals’ personal data.

22 January 2020

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