Region: Canada

Authorities warn about data scraping following rise in reports

Ten data protection authorities have warned social media network operators of the need to comply with data scraping rules.

24 August 2023

Quebec data boss stays quiet over novel adequacy requirements

Soon adequacy assessments will be required before companies transfer Quebec citizens’ personal data abroad and to other Canadian provinces, a unique domestic requirement that lawyers said needs more regulatory guidance.

24 April 2023

Meta beats Canadian regulator in court

Canada’s Federal Court has sided with Meta against the country’s data protection authority in a Cambridge Analytica ruling, citing a lack of evidence for the watchdog’s claims that the company had breached privacy law.

18 April 2023

Canada’s privacy commissioner pitches a Competition Act with a bigger privacy focus

Allowing Canada’s federal privacy and antitrust enforcers to collaborate on investigations and prohibit market-influencing dark patterns could give the privacy office more enforcement bite.

17 April 2023

Canada launches ChatGPT investigation

Regulatory scrutiny of OpenAI’s chatbot continues, after Canada announced the launch of a probe and Berlin highlighted ChatGPT’s “obvious” data protection risks in a statement.

04 April 2023

TikTok under pressure from four regulators in Canada

Canadian privacy watchdogs have launched a joint investigation into TikTok’s consent and transparency practices.

24 February 2023

Canada’s Home Depot investigation highlights ad analytics tools’ potential consent risks

Blake Cassels & Graydon partner Wendy Mee and associate Ellie Marshall analyse the Canadian federal privacy regulator’s investigation of Home Depot and its impact.

22 February 2023

Canadian court sides with Amazon in PIPEDA case

A Canadian judge has dismissed an application by an individual invoking federal privacy law to access personal information on her held by Amazon, saying this same law prevents Amazon from disclosing the information.

08 February 2023

Home Depot sharing e-receipts with Meta deemed illegal

Canada’s federal privacy commissioner has warned that practices such as Home Depot’s sharing of e-receipts without obtaining consent could be widespread across various organisations.

26 January 2023

Another Canadian data breach appeal fails

An Ontario court has shot down an intrusion upon seclusion class action against hospitals, rogue staff and others over a patient data leak, only a month after the same court narrowed the ability of claimants to use the tort in data breach cases.

25 January 2023

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