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Things fell apart: AI newsletter 13 November 2023

The EU has long planned to be a major force in the regulation of AI. Its AI Act framework now appears to be at risk following a negotiation deadlock – which could give other countries’ frameworks and supranational bodies’ guidance folks more opportunities to set the global tone.

13 November 2023

AI Act on the horizon: AI newsletter 23 October 2023

The moment everyone has been waiting for is almost here: the third, and hopefully final, set of trilogue negotiations over the AI Act are set to take place on 24 October. In honour of the occasion, representatives of civil society and business have published letters warning that the current shape of the law leaves too much in favour of the other side. Elsewhere the millions continue to pour in for AI-focused start-ups, while Microsoft reminds everyone that it’s all the Big Techs are thinking about too.

23 October 2023

China proposes eased cross-border data transfer controls

China is looking to relax cross-border data transfer requirements through new provisions waiving security assessments for specified data exports.

02 October 2023

China: New National Data Bureau steps up to oversee data-related infrastructure

Featured in Insight Handbook 2024

Further to the reform plan issued by the State Council in May 2023, a newly established National Data Bureau will coordinate and promote the construction of data-related infrastructure; the integration, sharing, development and utilisation of data resources; and the planning and construction of the ‘Digital China’ strategy.

29 September 2023

China: Micron review highlights importance of national security concerns

Featured in Insight Handbook 2024

In May 2023, Micron was informed of a review decision that stated its products had significant network security vulnerabilities, posing a major security risk to the critical information infrastructure supply chain. Consequently, domestic operators were required to stop procuring Micron product – a stark reminder of the impact of such reviews.

29 September 2023

China fines academic publisher 50 million yuan

China’s data protection authority has fined the country’s largest academic publisher 50 million yuan after a review of the company’s cybersecurity processes uncovered a breach of personal data protection rules.

11 September 2023

China publishes draft facial recognition rules

China’s data regulator has opened comments on proposed rules governing the use of facial recognition technology in public places, placing strict limits on its use by private entities.

09 August 2023

New rules from Beijing and Apple enters the chatbot race: AI newsletter 24 July 2023

Welcome to GDR’s first AI newsletter, highlighting the most important policy, legal and market developments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space from the last week. In this edition the EU and US agree to team up on oversight of AI in financial services, China releases new regulations on generative AI, and Deloitte predicts that the market will stay cool.

24 July 2023

China eases AI rules in innovation push

Updated Chinese rules on generative AI take a more measured approach than an initial consultation had suggested, as the country seeks to nurture domestic competitors for the international market.

17 July 2023

The two poles of generative AI regulation

The explosion in popularity of new generative AI models has been matched by swift regulatory action – at least in some quarters. But as authorities try to hit the moving target of large language models’ capabilities, it remains to be seen how new restrictions will affect the overall development of consumer AI tools.

03 May 2023

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