Region: China

China seeks public comment on critical infrastructure cybersecurity review rules

China’s cybersecurity authority has sought feedback on a fresh draft of legislation that would force reviews of critical infrastructure providers that seek to acquire network products and services.

29 May 2019

Italian enforcer calls for EU-China Privacy Shield

Italy’s data protection head has said that an EU-China Privacy Shield is necessary to combat “digital totalitarianism.”

22 May 2019

Chinese national charged over Anthem cyberattack

A US federal grand jury has indicted Fujie Wang and an unknown individual over allegations they hacked health insurer Anthem, affecting 78 million people’s personal data.

10 May 2019

Clifford Chance promotes in tech group

Clifford Chance’s promotion of 30 lawyers around the world, in its largest partner round since 2008, includes several lawyers with experience of data law.

02 May 2019

Tencent wins Chinese injunction against social media operator

Chinese social media operator ByteDance will appeal against an injunction ordering it to stop sharing competitor Tencent’s user data with an unauthorised app.

27 March 2019

EU backs common 5G cybersecurity framework

The European Commission has set a summer deadline for member states to submit national risk assessments to ensure a high level of cybersecurity for 5G networks across the bloc.

26 March 2019

China introduces app security certification scheme

Chinese regulators have introduced a mobile app cybersecurity certification scheme in an effort to improve data collection practices in the country.

25 March 2019

Huawei sues US government for "unconstitutional" blacklisting

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has sued the US government in a Texas federal court for adopting legislation which bans federal bodies from buying its products.

07 March 2019

China proposes strict data protection amendments

The Chinese government has released a set of proposed amendments to the country’s data protection standards that would introduce stricter obligations if passed.

12 February 2019

Chinese regulations seek to de-anonymise blockchain

New policy by China’s internet authority will force hosts and users of blockchain-based platforms to register their identities with the government.

15 January 2019

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