Region: Colombia

Colombia imposes financial data fine

Colombia’s data regulator has accused retailer Marketing Personal of failing to disclose information to a data subject and sending false information to credit bureaus.

25 March 2021

Colombian regulator clamps down on Zoom

Colombia’s data protection authority has ordered Zoom to improve its cybersecurity, saying changes recently mandated by the US Federal Trade Commission are inadequate.

30 November 2020

Colombian bank fined for failing to delete customer data

Colombia’s data watchdog has fined Banco Popular for failing to remove from its databases the name of a resident who did not want to receive advertisements from the financial institution.

25 September 2020

Colombian data broker fined for including political sanctions in credit histories

Colombia’s data protection authority has fined one of the country’s main credit bureaus around $200,000 for including information on political sanctions in the credit histories of 288,753 citizens.

20 July 2020

Colombian watchdog to probe Zoom’s data privacy

The Colombian data protection regulator is looking into Zoom’s privacy and security practices after the number of people using the video conferencing app has soared.

29 April 2020

Facebook loses Colombian cybersecurity appeal

Colombia’s data protection enforcer has ordered Facebook to certifiably improve its security measures in the country – quashing an appeal by the social media company in the process.

16 April 2020

AT&T hack lawsuit defendant sues subcontractor

An outsourced call centre provider has settled an AT&T lawsuit that said it was responsible for a Medellin-based subcontractor’s poor security standards – and sued the Colombian company in US federal court.

21 February 2020

AT&T holds vendor accountable for hacking

AT&T says an outsourced call centre provider’s failure to properly flow cybersecurity obligations down to a subcontractor led to its systems being hacked.

21 November 2019

Colombia orders Uber to improve data security

Colombia’s Superintendency of Industry and Commerce has ordered ridesharing company Uber to improve its security measures and undergo an undergo independent audits, five months after asking Facebook to do the same.

11 July 2019

Facebook appeals against Colombian security improvement order

Facebook is challenging a Colombian regulatory measure that ordered the company to improve its cybersecurity procedures.

03 June 2019

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