Region: Europe

ECJ rules on lawfulness of automated credit scoring

The European Court of Justice has said that a credit information agency’s loan scoring method constitutes automated decision-making that is only permitted under strict conditions.

07 December 2023

Icelandic municipalities fined over Google processing of primary school children’s data

Five municipalities must pay fines over GDPR infringements relating to their use of Google services and processing of children’s data.

07 December 2023

ECJ rules controllers can be liable for processors’ wrongdoing

The European Court of Justice has ruled that controllers are liable and can be fined for processors’ wrongdoing, a finding which could make the purchasing of all but the most generic software a more hazardous undertaking for companies.

06 December 2023

ECJ rules on GDPR fines

The European Court of Justice has taken important steps in shaping data controllers’ potential regulatory liability.

05 December 2023

Reynders suggests data regulator scoreboard

Didier Reynders has floated the idea of starting a European data protection authority scoreboard that would publish further information about regulators’ activities.

05 December 2023

Belgian official warns against siloed implementation of new EU digital rules

Belgium’s Secretary of State for digitisation has said that his core message during the country’s presidency of the EU Council will be to focus on the “governance of implementing” the bloc’s sprawling digital rulebook.

05 December 2023

AI Act? What AI Act?: AI newsletter 4 December 2023

In a development no one could have predicted, negotiations over a major piece of EU legislation have slowed to a crawl over irreconcilable differences between Brussels legislators and member states, as well as an attempt by bigger countries to favour their own national champions ahead of the bloc’s broader economic interests. Meanwhile there has been a flurry of new funding and Amazon has made a slightly belated entrance into the generative AI game.

04 December 2023

Meta faces €550 million Spanish litigation

A group representing 83 Spanish digital news outlets claims Meta has gained an unfair advantage through its data processing for behavioural advertising.

04 December 2023

Austrian credit reporting agency sued for non-material damages

Privacy NGO noyb has filed a lawsuit against a credit reporting agency and direct marketing company – who were previously scrutinised by the Austrian data protection regulator – seeking an injunction and non-material damages.

04 December 2023

Stability AI fails to cut UK Getty lawsuit

A High Court judge has refused to dismiss claims targeting Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion image generation model.

01 December 2023

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