Region: European Union

ECJ rules on GDPR fines

The European Court of Justice has taken important steps in shaping data controllers’ potential regulatory liability.

05 December 2023

Reynders suggests data regulator scoreboard

Didier Reynders has floated the idea of starting a European data protection authority scoreboard that would publish further information about regulators’ activities.

05 December 2023

Belgian official warns against siloed implementation of new EU digital rules

Belgium’s Secretary of State for digitisation has said that his core message during the country’s presidency of the EU Council will be to focus on the “governance of implementing” the bloc’s sprawling digital rulebook.

05 December 2023

AI Act? What AI Act?: AI newsletter 4 December 2023

In a development no one could have predicted, negotiations over a major piece of EU legislation have slowed to a crawl over irreconcilable differences between Brussels legislators and member states, as well as an attempt by bigger countries to favour their own national champions ahead of the bloc’s broader economic interests. Meanwhile there has been a flurry of new funding and Amazon has made a slightly belated entrance into the generative AI game.

04 December 2023

Meta’s ad practice subject to consumer protection complaint

European consumer organisations have challenged Meta for its new ‘pay or OK’ model for targeted advertising.

30 November 2023

German higher court rules against non-material damages in Facebook leak

One of the first German higher regional courts rulings in relation to a 2021 Facebook data leak has denied claims for non-material damages.

28 November 2023

Commission under fire for spyware inaction

The European Parliament has voted to excoriate the European Commission for its lack of action on spyware, with some MEPs taking the opportunity to pitch for the power for Brussels lawmakers to gain the ability to propose legislation themselves.

24 November 2023

Meta clashes with Germany and European Commission on litigation rights

Meta has urged the European Court of Justice not to allow consumer groups to bring GDPR representative actions.

23 November 2023

EU authorities cast doubt on adtech model

Senior figures at European data protection authorities have suggested that even consent may not be a workable basis for targeted advertising, as Meta’s new ‘pay or OK’ strategy faces scrutiny.

21 November 2023

Can the snubbed Altman speak?: AI newsletter 20 November 2023

The biggest AI news of the week came over the weekend, when OpenAI boss Sam Altman was dramatically defenestrated from his post and almost equally quickly put in charge of a new AI team at Microsoft – a course of events which seems to be quite the coup for Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, who now holds the purse strings for the world’s most prominent AI company and has the biggest name in the business on the payroll.

20 November 2023

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