Region: European Union

Proposed EU-US AI risk management road map may crumble under jurisdictional and corporate preferences

The lofty goals of a planned EU-US AI road map may be hampered by regulatory differences and corporate preference for self-regulation.

20 May 2022

Fractured deployment of NIS 2 could be headache for digital services

The political agreement between the European Parliament and European Council on the NIS 2 Directive brings the cybersecurity law closer to the finish line, but consensus in Brussels may belie the prospect of harmony between member states.

19 May 2022

Lawmakers trumpet DSA and DMA agreements as final votes loom

EU lawmakers are anticipating handing more powers to the European Commission as part of efforts to ensure new landmark pieces of data regulation are fit for the future.

18 May 2022

Report finds GDPR used to effectively regulate automated decision-making

The GDPR is being used to regulate increasingly complex cases involving automated decision-making and similar technologies, according to a new report that examined more than 70 decisions, opinions and guiding documents.

17 May 2022

Commission launches call for views on open finance

The European Commission has opened another front in the battle against the dominance of Big Tech with a call for views on the prospect of new open finance rules to complement the market reforms already undertaken in the payments sector.

16 May 2022

Data regulators seek greater role in digital rules - CNIL report

European data watchdogs are suggesting they should be designated as national supervisory authorities for both the DGA and the AI Act according to the French regulator’s 2021 annual report, which also covered the CNIL’s approach to cookies and penalties.

12 May 2022

Questions mount over clashes between Data Act and GDPR

Concerns are growing that unless clashes between the Data Act and the GDPR are resolved, EU citizens could end up with less protection of their data rights.

12 May 2022

Commission responds to lawmakers’ AI Act report

A spokesperson for the European Commission has cautioned MEPs on the need for clarity and precision in proposed draft amendments to the AI Act.

11 May 2022

EU court rejects anti-fraud office lawsuit

The General Court has rejected a lawsuit that claimed the European anti-fraud office had breached data protection rules for EU institutions by issuing a press release about an investigation involving the claimant.

10 May 2022

German antitrust regulator overstepped by invoking GDPR, Meta tells ECJ

A Meta lawyer has told the European Court of Justice that Germany’s antitrust regulator had no jurisdiction to issue a GDPR-based finding that the company abused its dominant position on the social media market by collecting and processing data without consent.

10 May 2022

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