Region: European Union

European Parliament sanctioned over covid data international transfers

The European Data Protection Supervisor has said the European Parliament breached Schrems II principles by allowing staff and MEP data to be transferred to the US.

11 January 2022

EU lawmakers push for more data focus in competition review

A key European Parliament committee is pushing for greater consideration of data issues in antitrust.

10 January 2022

Irish watchdog moves against Instagram

European watchdogs have received a draft decision from Ireland’s data watchdog following its investigation into Instagram’s processing of children’s data.

07 December 2021

Public sector becomes a NIS 2 sticking point

The Council of the European Union has agreed its position on the NIS 2 Directive, but some member states are already broadcasting plans to extend the new rules to local authorities.

03 December 2021

ECJ advocate-general says consumer groups can sue Facebook

A European Court of Justice official has supported the right of consumer groups to launch data protection lawsuits, potentially opening a new front in GDPR battles against Facebook and others across the EU.

02 December 2021

European Commission hit with complaint over Irish enforcement

An NGO has filed a complaint with the European Ombudsman over the commission’s alleged failure to force Ireland to apply the GDPR, but the Irish regulator maintains the figures used in the claim are inaccurate.

30 November 2021

ECHR rules on right to be forgotten

The Strasbourg court has held that requiring a publisher to delist an online news story did not violate his right to freedom of expression.

26 November 2021

Digital Markets Act passes EU council, but scope could still increase

While European ministers are broadly enthusiastic about the Digital Markets Act, some are already preparing for a battle over the respective roles of the European Commission and national authorities.

25 November 2021

Irish DPC bars noyb from Facebook procedure

Ireland’s data regulator has allegedly removed the privacy campaign group from its procedure against Facebook after it refused to sign a confidentiality agreement – an experience echoed by other privacy activists dealing with the regulator.

23 November 2021

EDPB clarifies GDPR data transfers

European data protection regulators have appeared to support the development of new standard contractual clauses for non-EU processing in draft guidelines that clarify personal data transfers under the GDPR.

22 November 2021

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