Region: European Union

MEPs vote through AI report

The European Parliament has approved a special report on artificial intelligence, including suggestions for a market in personal data enabled by other forthcoming pieces of EU legislation.

03 May 2022

Austrian watchdog rejects risk-based approach to data transfers

Following a complaint filed in 2020 by NGO noyb, the Austrian regulator held that the operator of an online comparison website unlawfully used Google Analytics and could not rely on a risk-based approach to transfer data to third countries.

03 May 2022

Advocate general says controllers should inform third parties of deletion requests

An advocate general of the European Court of Justice has said that data controllers which receive a request for deletion of an individual’s data are obliged to pass that request along to third party controllers.

28 April 2022

ECJ confirms GDPR consumer protection litigation right

The highest EU court has ruled that consumer groups have the right to launch data protection lawsuits, in a move that could bolster GDPR representative actions across the bloc.

28 April 2022

ECJ upholds platform content filtering

The European Court of Justice has ruled against Poland’s claim that obliging online platforms to monitor for copyright-infringing content is a violation of free speech rights, giving the thumbs up to the continued use of automated content filters.

27 April 2022

Brussels reaches agreement on Digital Services Act

The European Parliament, Council and Commission have agreed a compromise text for the Digital Services Act, paving the way for another major piece of legislative oversight for big tech out of Brussels.

25 April 2022

Commission’s PNR prevarication draws MEP’s ire

The European Commission’s response to a European parliament question on passenger name record data has been greeted with frustration, with a prominent MEP pointing to an inconsistency in approach between countries.

22 April 2022

Lawmakers’ report on AI Act suggests further changes

MEPs said alignment with the GDPR was a “key element” of the EU’s landmark regulation of artificial intelligence, proposing to extend the commission’s ability to enforce against serious infringements and give individuals the right to remedies.

22 April 2022

Activists argue tech giants could dodge DMA rules

Activists have made a last-ditch attempt to revise aspects of the Digital Markets Act, which they say may leave the door open for tech giants to circumvent the law’s intent.

19 April 2022

ECJ could lay out new right to be forgotten procedure

A European Court of Justice adviser has suggested a fixed procedure that search engine operators and data subjects should undertake when they deal with allegations that inaccurate data has been listed on search results.

07 April 2022

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