Region: European Union

MEPs clear data sharing framework

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved the Data Governance Act, which aims to ease the sharing of personal and non-personal data across the EU.

06 April 2022

ECJ again shuts down national retention measures

The European Court of Justice has confirmed that Irish retention measures for the purposes of serious crime prevention are contrary to EU law – and that an Irish court declaration to that effect would need to apply from the date the relevant framework came into force.

05 April 2022

Estonia bans Yandex over Russian data sharing

The Estonian government has imposed sanctions on ride-hailing services provided by Russia’s largest internet company because it is forced to share personal data with Russian authorities, and urged the European Union to follow suit.

04 April 2022

DMA will be a challenge for EU courts, General Court president admits

The president of the EU’s General Court has said his main concern about the Digital Markets Act is how the EU courts are going to “deliver fast enough” on the amount of litigation that is likely to arise.

01 April 2022

ECJ advocate-general weighs in on purpose limitation

An EU advocate-general has argued that personal data processing for the purpose of fixing a technical fault was justified under the GDPR, despite data subjects not being notified – but has said the information should not be stored for an excessive amount of time.

31 March 2022

Speculation over role of new ‘court’ in Privacy Shield 2.0

Details about the new data transfer agreement between the EU and US are still thin on the ground, but one hope is that the new process will feature a more robust means of settling disputes than the previous Privacy Shield.

29 March 2022

Lawmakers stake their positions on AI Act

With ambitions for a final text to be voted on in November, MEPs are setting out their stalls on amendments to the AI Act – with biometric data and mass surveillance some of the main points of contention.

28 March 2022

Uncertainty continues as new EU-US data flows deal agreed

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is likely to ease transfers from the EU to the US in the short term, but scrutiny of the new adequacy measure’s redress mechanism is inevitable.

25 March 2022

EDPS says Europol enforcement “wasn’t a good decision”

The European Data Protection Supervisor has appeared to criticise his office’s recent enforcement action against Europol.

24 March 2022

EU lawmakers call for common approach to AI

The European Parliament special committee on artificial intelligence has approved a new report pushing for comprehensive new regulation on the technology as lawmakers prepare to grapple with finding global standards.

23 March 2022

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