Region: European Union

ECJ adviser says automated credit scoring is profiling

A European Court of Justice adviser has said in two separate opinions that automated loan scoring constitutes profiling under the GDPR, regulators’ decisions are subject to judicial review, and limits apply to the retention of data from public registers by credit agencies.

16 March 2023

EDPB begins work on DPO industry

The EDPB has launched its enforcement action into the role of data protection officers, seeking to address the issues they face in driving compliance within EU organisations.

16 March 2023

Data Act clears the European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted through the Data Act, including additions to the European Commission’s draft that are intended to give individuals greater control over their data and to incentivise data-sharing.

14 March 2023

Denham: one-stop-shop woes lead to member state tension

Former ICO head Elizabeth Denham has said the current arrangement of the one-stop-shop mechanism is causing tensions with member states that see themselves as unable to address the harms being caused by big tech.

09 March 2023

Consumer group condemns WhatsApp agreement

Consumer rights organisation BEUC has criticised an agreement between WhatsApp and the European Commission, saying that it fails to address data protection concerns raised in the initial complaint.

06 March 2023

ECJ clarifies interactions between GDPR and civil discovery

The European Court of Justice has confirmed the GDPR applies to disclosure orders in civil litigation, forcing courts to balance the interests of affected data subjects against those who seek evidence.

02 March 2023

“The truth is on the pitch”: German regulators on EDPB US adequacy opinion

German regulators have expressed broad support for the European Data Protection Board’s position on the EU-US draft adequacy decision, but concerns remain over how it will be implemented in practice.

02 March 2023

MEPs accuse commission of “giving up” on effective adequacy

The EDPB’s opinion on the proposed adequacy agreement between the EU and US has added fuel to the fire for MEPs accusing the European Commission of putting politics ahead of EU citizens’ rights.

01 March 2023

EDPB criticises EU-US adequacy proposal

The EDPB has poked holes in the European Commission’s proposed adequacy decision for the US, calling for more clarity on key points and emphasising the need for continued monitoring to ensure adherence to the terms of President Biden’s executive order.

28 February 2023

Noyb launches cookie identification complaint project

The Vienna-based NGO has filed a series of complaints against websites and data brokers that it claims inadequately responded to access requests that identified individuals based on cookies placed on the individuals’ devices.

28 February 2023

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