Region: European Union

ECJ urged to restate data retention rules – again

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has reiterated that member states’ bulk data interception could breach EU law.

18 November 2021

Future of AI regulation becomes GDPR battleground

MEPs have pushed back against assertions that new AI legislation will involve a reassessment of the GDPR’s accomplishments, arguing that the landmark legislation will still be relevant in the next phase of data regulation.

09 November 2021

MEP: GDPR a warning for AI rules – not an example

Artificial intelligence regulation in the EU needs to have a lighter touch than previous data legislation, a leading MEP has told GDR.

05 November 2021

Lawmakers clash over inclusion of EU firms in Digital Markets Act

The shadow rapporteur for the EU Digital Markets Act has spoken to GDR about her party’s “red line” against efforts to narrow the scope of the new legislation.

29 October 2021

Maja Smoltczyk: The exit interview

Berlin privacy chief Maja Smoltczyk has become a key player in the European data protection landscape. Shortly before her retirement, she told GDR about the GDPR’s successes and failings, how her office reached Germany’s first multimillion-euro fine, and its ongoing audit of the aftermath of Schrems II.

27 October 2021

EU to develop new SCCs for extraterritorial processing

The European Commission has confirmed that it will develop a new set of standard contractual clauses to cover non-EU processing that falls within the scope of the GDPR, raising concerns from observers.

25 October 2021

Council of the EU publishes conclusions on new cyber unit

The Council of the EU has cautiously approved a plan for a new entity to coordinate approaches to cybersecurity across the bloc that could see more power taken out of the hands of member states.

20 October 2021

German court expands SAR rights

A German court has ruled that copies of emails are covered by GDPR subject access requests.

15 October 2021

EDPB tentatively approves draft Korean adequacy

The EU’s data protection authorities have greenlit the European Commission’s decision to approve data flows to Korea – but called on the commission to provide further clarity.

28 September 2021

Second German court refers non-material damages question to ECJ

Germany’s highest employment law tribunal has requested a European Court of Justice ruling on non-material damages under the GDPR – months after an Austrian court and a separate German court made similar references.

16 September 2021

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