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ICO watching the Data Act “with interest,” counsel says

A counsel at the UK Information Commissioner's Office has said that the regulator is closely watching developments in the EU Data Act, which is set to be voted on at the European Parliament next week.

06 November 2023

General Court denies interventions in Irish case against EDPB

Noyb, the European Data Protection Supervisor and tech giant Meta have been denied intervenor status in cases brought by the Irish data regulator and Meta against the European Data Protection Board.

31 October 2023

EU plans another bridge to AI Act

The European Commission plans to launch voluntary standards to which companies can adhere before new official AI legislation comes into force.

26 October 2023

AI Act on the horizon: AI newsletter 23 October 2023

The moment everyone has been waiting for is almost here: the third, and hopefully final, set of trilogue negotiations over the AI Act are set to take place on 24 October. In honour of the occasion, representatives of civil society and business have published letters warning that the current shape of the law leaves too much in favour of the other side. Elsewhere the millions continue to pour in for AI-focused start-ups, while Microsoft reminds everyone that it’s all the Big Techs are thinking about too.

23 October 2023

German data regulators slam chat control proposals

The German data protection authorities have criticised a European Commission draft law requiring providers to scan emails and messages for child abuse material, while the EDPS looks into concerns over the agency’s targeted promotion of the proposal on social media.

17 October 2023

The first alignment: AI newsletter 16 October 2013

While concerns over the level of investment into new AI companies continue to bubble up, the biggest companies are happier than ever to turn their budgets to implementing the technology internally – fewer LLMs, but probably a lot more chatbots instead of helplines. The G7’s slow march towards consensus continues, with the EU deigning to give companies a couple of weeks in which to offer their thoughts on what new guidance should look like.

16 October 2023

EU General Court rejects Data Privacy Framework suspension

The EU's General Court has refused to order an emergency suspension of the EU-US adequacy framework.

12 October 2023

Gear up for the slowdown: AI newsletter 9 October 2023

The reality is starting to bite: companies are looking seriously at what it actually means to use generative AI on a day-to-day basis, cracks are starting to appear in the full-throated declarations of policy harmony between governments, and investors are pausing before tipping their cash into the hands of any company with a website ending in .ai. Money is now finding its way to those companies promising to make AI safe, predictable, and less likely to bring the regulators and litigants knocking.

09 October 2023

Generative AI tests the limits of copyright laws

Litigation against OpenAI and other generative AI developers could change the landscape of copyright law, but shutting the stable door on the training of large language models could prove difficult.

09 October 2023

The codes of conduct will continue until morale improves: AI newsletter 2 October 2023

President Biden’s technology trade war with China, including restrictions on the export of high-powered used to develop large language models, continues to have the perhaps predictable effect of making China spend money on making its own. Meanwhile Canada and Pakistan launch their own AI rules, while one MEP sounds the lonely anti-regulation horn in Brussels.

02 October 2023

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