Region: European Union

Report points to how EU could force data sharing

As the European Commission considers forcing data holders to grant access to competitors, an expert report to the European Commission has said antitrust law could specify when data holders could be forced to grant access to their competitors.

04 April 2019

Buttarelli: it's “high time” for ePrivacy

European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli has called for the long-awaited ePrivacy Regulation to be enacted.

04 April 2019

EU official: be careful with antitrust data access remedies

Remedies involving access to datasets have to be adopted very carefully and only when such access is “practically essential to compete”, a senior European Commission official has said.

02 April 2019

EU to change consumer protection rules

The European Council has approved a set of changes to consumer protection rules, including around personalised pricing and where services are provided in exchange for personal data.

01 April 2019

Austrian court sides with Schrems

A Vienna court has ruled that privacy activist Max Schrems has the right to submit a lawsuit against Facebook under the GDPR.

27 March 2019

EU backs common 5G cybersecurity framework

The European Commission has set a summer deadline for member states to submit national risk assessments to ensure a high level of cybersecurity for 5G networks across the bloc.

26 March 2019

Cookies need active and separate consent, ECJ told

A European Court of Justice adviser has said pre-filled consent checkboxes cannot be used to obtain consent to data collection through cookies.

21 March 2019

EU body: breach reports need streamlining

The EU’s auditor has warned that overlapping breach report obligations that apply in some sectors could lead to fragmented disclosures.

20 March 2019

Consumer authorities crack down on app stores

A global coalition of consumer protection and competition authorities has urged Apple and Google to change their app store policies to better inform users about how their data is processed.

18 March 2019

Google opposes Gmail telecoms regulation

Counsel to Google and the European Commission have told the European Court of Justice that Germany’s telecommunications regulator should not be able to subject Gmail to onerous sectoral rules.

13 March 2019

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