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European Union: Privacy landscape continues to evolve with new CJEU rulings

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The GDPR continues to dominate data protection and privacy requirements in the European Union. However, a final version of EDPB’s guidelines on how to calculate fines, as well as a steady stream of judgments from the CJEU, mean that rules and guidance in this space are constantly being refined.

29 September 2023

MEP criticises AI Act for stifling competition

A shadow rapporteur for the AI Act has said the AI Act marks a failure of the European Commission to make the necessary changes to the GDPR.

26 September 2023

Agencies welcome one-stop-shop overhaul but warn on dispute resolution

European agencies have raised concerns about parts of the proposed harmonisation of cross-border GDPR enforcement that could restrict challenges to draft decisions.

21 September 2023

The chips are down: AI newsletter 18 September 2023

Tech giants’ AI projects are being threatened with death by a thousand copyright cuts, with yet another author attaching himself to litigation against the alleged wilful pilfering of his intellectual property. But concerns over the ethics of building AI models hasn’t stopped the rush to do so, with front- and back-end companies teaming up on the next generation of the technology.

18 September 2023

Special Report: EU representative actions – the future of data claims?

Could billion-euro claims fulfil activists’ hopes of deterring breaches of the GDPR and meet the public enforcement gap, or will procedural obstacles and funding issues kill off their cases?

12 September 2023

EDPS action against Europol regulation fails

The EU General Court has dismissed European Data Protection Supervisor litigation seeking to annul new provisions of the Europol regulation.

08 September 2023

EDPS raises concerns over financial data sharing law

The European Data Protection Supervisor has identified friction between the GDPR and EU plans to enable consumers to share more of their financial data.

25 August 2023

ECJ to hear more fine calculation questions

A Danish court has asked the European Court of Justice to clarify the scope of the notion of an undertaking under the GDPR, in the first case to deal exclusively with the question of whether organisations should be fined based on group turnover.

23 August 2023

ECJ to consider further non-material damages questions

A Latvian court has sent the European Court of Justice multiple questions on the interpretation of non-material damages under the GDPR.

11 August 2023

Romain Robert: the exit interview

Noyb programme director Romain Robert has been a key part of the team that has gone from being known as “privacy fundamentalists” to the “28th data protection authority” over the past five years. At the end of his three-year tenure at the NGO, he tells GDR about what GDPR issues need further work, the state of civil society, and the future of enforcement.

11 August 2023

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