Region: European Union

ECJ rules on right to erasure from directories

The European Court of Justice has said data controllers must forward deletion requests to third-party controllers and inform relevant search engines.

27 October 2022

ECJ advocate-general validates IP address retention to fight piracy

An advisor to the European Court of Justice has argued that member states should be allowed to access and retain IP addresses in order to identify individuals responsible for intellectual property breaches.

27 October 2022

ECJ to hear question on covid-related QR code processing

A Czech court has asked the European Court of Justice to resolve the GDPR’s application to the use of QR codes to verify individuals’ covid status via an app.

26 October 2022

German regulator and MEP slam US executive order

European officials and lawmakers have criticised aspects of US president Joe Biden’s executive order on EU-US data transfers, and suggested that a new Privacy Shield based on it would be struck down by the European Court of Justice.

26 October 2022

Claimant-side stakeholders criticise GDPR private enforcement hurdles

Defence lawyers welcomed a recent European Court of Justice opinion that could severely restrict the availability of non-material damages under the GDPR – but claimant-side observers have warned that shutting down non-material damages will further undermine the regulation’s effectiveness.

21 October 2022

ECJ rules on purpose limitation and further processing

The European Court of Justice has said personal data processing to fix technical faults is justified under the GDPR, but that the information should not be retained after corrections are made.

20 October 2022

MEPs split over Privacy Shield replacement

EU politicians are divided on the effectiveness of the recent US executive order on the treatment of personal data by surveillance and security services, with some casting doubt on its suitability as a foundation for a new Privacy Shield.

19 October 2022

EDPB reverses course on breach notification

The first post-GDPR update to the EDPB’s data breach notification guidelines may implement a more complex reporting procedure for companies based outside the EU.

18 October 2022

Schrems outlines possible Privacy Shield strategies

Max Schrems, the individual behind the European Court of Justice ruling that led to the previous EU-US data transfer framework being invalidated, has shared some strategies that could be explored to challenge the latest iteration of the transatlantic Privacy Shield.

12 October 2022

German regulators “cautiously optimistic” about Privacy Shield replacement

The two Bavarian state watchdogs’ heads have said the US appears to have broadly “understood European concerns” on the transfer mechanism, suggesting that the new tool could appease concerns over US transfers –  if approved by the EDPB.

12 October 2022

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