Region: European Union

Long-awaited EDPB supplementary measures guidance released

The European Data Protection Board has released highly-anticipated guidance on data transfer precautions – which appears to rule out the use of many cloud services.

12 November 2020

ECJ rules against Orange pre-ticked consent boxes

Companies need to be able to demonstrate that individuals have actively consented to data collection, the European Court of Justice has found – concluding that Orange Romania could not properly obtain consent through pre-ticked boxes.

11 November 2020

Data concerns drive Amazon competition probe

The European Commission has formally accused Amazon of abusing its dominant position as a marketplace service provider in Germany and France, focusing on the way in which it uses merchant data.

11 November 2020

GDPR dispute resolution mechanism used for first time

The European Data Protection Board has used the GDPR’s dispute resolution mechanism for the first time since the law came into force, after regulators were unable to agree on Irish enforcement against Twitter.

10 November 2020

ePrivacy lobbying intensifies as key meeting approaches

Competing factions have upped the ante in the battle over ePrivacy ahead of a meeting of an influential EU Council group to discuss a new proposed draft of the law.

09 November 2020

EU court orders virtual data room in Facebook probes

The EU General Court has set restrictions on the information that the European Commission can access as it investigates Facebook’s online marketplace and data practices in two separate probes.

06 November 2020

GDPR roundup: enforcement continues apace

This is GDR’s roundup of European enforcement activity and policy developments in the last couple of months that were not covered in our regular news service. Regulators remain busy, issuing a raft of fines across the continent.

05 November 2020

Riding the tidal wave

Data privacy class actions in Europe are here to stay. Bird & Bird partner Bryony Hurst explores the rise in class actions, the EU member states that are likely to become popular litigation forums, key cases that have already been filed across Europe, and how organisations can stay as dry as possible when the data protection class action tidal wave hits.

02 November 2020

Schrems II hub: every development in the saga

GDR tracks the post-Schrems developments that you need to know.

02 November 2020

Q+A: IAB Europe's Townsend Feehan

Townsend Feehan leads the European arm of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which lobbies on behalf of the digital advertising industry. She spoke to GDR about freely-given consent, proper enforcement and the views of European regulators.

28 October 2020

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