Region: European Union

EU governments voice concerns about DMA

Government ministers in Germany, France and the Netherlands have urged the European Commission to strengthen the Digital Markets Act by introducing tougher merger notification provisions and making sure member states can themselves challenge digital platforms.

01 June 2021

AWS and Microsoft EU contracts under pressure

EU institutions face an investigation of their use of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft services in the wake of the Schrems II judgment.

27 May 2021

ECJ to determine regulatory/judicial competence clash

The EU’s highest court will clarify whether courts or data protection authorities take priority when determining if GDPR infringements have taken place.

26 May 2021

First GDPR cloud codes of conduct approved

The European Data Protection Board has approved two GDPR codes of conduct for cloud services, but has said they cannot be used for international data transfers.

21 May 2021

ECJ to hear Instagram GDPR case

The EU’s highest court is set to clarify the extent to which courts can force social media platforms to disclose the identity of account operators.

21 May 2021

Reform, revolt or resume? The future of the one-stop-shop

As the third anniversary of the GDPR approaches, the one-stop-shop continues to mar the application of the landmark data protection law.

17 May 2021

ECJ to hear new non-material GDPR damage reference

Austria’s Supreme Court has sent key questions about the availability of GDPR non-material damages to the European Court of Justice – months after Germany’s constitutional court ordered a lower court to make a similar EU reference.

13 May 2021

Microsoft begins EU data localisation process

Microsoft will let its commercial and public sector customers store all of their data in the EU from 2023, in what appears to be the first concrete response of a major cloud provider to the Schrems II ruling.

10 May 2021

EU unveils long-awaited AI regulation

The European Commission has formally proposed a new law regulating artificial intelligence, in a major data policy development which includes scope for fines even higher than those available through the GDPR.

21 April 2021

EDPB: international agreements need to be reviewed

The European Data Protection Board has urged EU national governments to review international agreements in areas as diverse as tax and police cooperation to check for clashes with the GDPR and the Schrems II judgment.

19 April 2021

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