Region: European Union

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern regulator approves medical data sharing amendment

The state’s government has announced its plans to remove legal hurdles for medical research using health data.

12 July 2023

Amazon challenges DSA designation

Amazon has become the first Big Tech company to fight its position under the new Digital Services Act in the EU’s General Court.

11 July 2023

EU-US adequacy agreement approved

The European Commission has greenlit the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy framework – but activists have already vowed to challenge the arrangement in court.

10 July 2023

Legitimate interest lessons in the Meta GDPR/antitrust judgment

Practitioners say the European Court of Justice’s restriction of the availability of legitimate interest for personalised advertising may not affect certain types of advertising – although alternatives may prove more workable.

05 July 2023

ECJ confirms GDPR and antitrust enforcement overlap

The EU's highest court has allowed Germany’s competition authority to rely on GDPR violations to establish an abuse of dominance by Meta, in a highly-awaited ruling that also confirmed the privacy legislation’s rules around legal bases and sensitive personal data processing.

04 July 2023

European Commission reveals one-stop-shop overhaul

Long-awaited EU legislation is set to ease cross-border investigations and boost defence rights – prompting negative reactions from civil society and corporate interest groups alike.

04 July 2023

ECJ to resolve GDPR minimisation and accuracy issues

A French court has referred questions on the scope of the GDPR's data minimisation and accuracy principles following a dispute over the collection of gender data during train ticket purchases.

03 July 2023

Data Act finds few friends as it moves forwards

The European Council and Parliament have reached a political agreement on the Data Act, bringing the landmark legislation on non-personal data one step closer even as its provisions draw criticism from different corners.

28 June 2023

EU facing first legal challenge to DSA

Online retailer Zalando has claimed it was unfairly selected by the European Commission for additional scrutiny on “random and uneven” grounds.

27 June 2023

Amazon faces first European privacy class action

A Dutch NGO has warned it will file a class action lawsuit against Amazon on behalf of over five million customers if the company does not agree to compensate them for unlawfully collecting and processing their data.

27 June 2023

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