Region: European Union

Noyb goes for round two against cookie banners

Noyb has launched a second assault on perceived poor performance in cookie consent by companies, lodging complaints against 226 organisations for failing to implement a ‘refuse all’ button.

09 August 2022

Criteo faces €60 million fine

France’s data watchdog has proposed imposing a €60 million fine on adtech player Criteo.

08 August 2022

Data Changemakers: Sarah Chander

European Digital Rights senior policy advisor and AI lead Sarah Chander says policymakers, industry and civil society groups need to rethink the notion of the digital rights holder and challenge the “computational infrastructure” of Big Tech.

05 August 2022

US judge criticises GDPR-imposed redactions

A procedural judge in a major US patent litigation forum has slammed Continental’s excessive redaction of disclosed documents, despite the company’s argument that the redaction was necessary under the GDPR.

03 August 2022

EU watchdogs criticise chat control regulation

The EDPS and EDPB have adopted a joint opinion on a regulation proposal to combat child sexual abuse online and found it presents serious risks for fundamental rights.

01 August 2022

Travel rule puts data protection burden on crypto firms

Proposed new EU rules for crypto firms will require the industry to get to grips with handling significant quantities of sensitive customer data.

15 July 2022

NGO calls for new GDPR measures

As policymakers grapple with the enforcement record of the EU’s data protection rules, a recent report calls on authorities to implement legislative changes to speed up cross-border cases and ensure that data subjects’ rights are applied evenly among member states.

14 July 2022

Greek watchdog issues record fine

Greece's privacy regulator has fined Clearview AI a record €20 million for illegally processing the biometric data of Greek citizens.

13 July 2022

TikTok pauses new targeted ads policy

TikTok has paused its plan to use legitimate interests to deliver targeted advertising in Europe following interventions by the Italian, Spanish and Irish watchdogs.

12 July 2022

Italian watchdog warns TikTok against targeted ads

The Italian regulator has warned TikTok against using legitimate interests to deliver targeted advertising in Europe.

11 July 2022

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