Region: European Union

EU facing first legal challenge to DSA

Online retailer Zalando has claimed it was unfairly selected by the European Commission for additional scrutiny on “random and uneven” grounds.

27 June 2023

Amazon faces first European privacy class action

A Dutch NGO has warned it will file a class action lawsuit against Amazon on behalf of over five million customers if the company does not agree to compensate them for unlawfully collecting and processing their data.

27 June 2023

Noyb sues for access to EDPB decision files

Noyb has filed an action seeking to annul the EDPB’s refusal to provide access to a binding decision relevant to Meta.

26 June 2023

AI code of conduct to be distilled from AI Act

A senior European Commission official has said that finalisation of the AI Act will take precedence over discussions over the recently announced voluntary code of conduct, and that the latter will consist of key themes pulled from the legislation.

23 June 2023

ECJ rules on access rights

The European Court of Justice has ruled that data subjects have the right to know when and why their data was processed – but stopped short of a blanket allowance on revealing which individuals did the processing.

22 June 2023

Belgian law enforcement directive transposition unlawful, ECJ told

A European Court of Justice lawyer has concluded that Belgium’s transposition of the law enforcement directive is inadequate, as it prevents data subjects from challenging the decisions of police regulators charged with exercising their data rights.

16 June 2023

ECJ urged to send Kočner data protection case back to General Court

A European Court of Justice advocate general has said the General Court should reopen a case brought by a Slovak convicted fraudster – but only to rule on whether Europol can be jointly liable with EU countries for damages resulting from unlawful data processing they carried out.

15 June 2023

European Parliament commits to tackling spyware abuse

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for legislative changes and better enforcement by member states to curb the illicit use of spyware.

15 June 2023

AI Act adopted by Parliament

The European Parliament has adopted its position on the AI Act, laying the foundations for an EU ban on a range of “high-risk” AI and heightened transparency obligations on ChatGPT-like generative AI systems.

14 June 2023

Civil society lays out floor for GDPR enforcement reform

A group of NGOs have set out what minimal changes the European Commission should implement to improve the GDPR’s enforcement, placing a strong emphasis on creating clear deadlines for regulators and a broader right to be heard for complainants.

12 June 2023

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