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Special Report: Has the GDPR failed?

The EU's modern data protection framework is five years old. Was it a game changer or a flop?

25 May 2023

Finnish regulator becomes EDPB chief

The head of Finland’s data protection authority has been appointed as the new chair of the European Data Protection Board.

25 May 2023

More user choice won’t fix adtech, MEP says

The shadow rapporteur for the Digital Services Act has said consent-based replacements to cookie banners and other tracking mechanisms ignore the average user’s lack of expertise on the adtech ecosystem.

24 May 2023

Reynders confirms one-stop-shop harmonisation timeline

The European Commission aims to publish its proposal to reform the one-stop-shop process in the coming weeks, and to pass it “before the end of the current mandate.”

24 May 2023

TikTok children’s data decision referred to EDPB

European regulators will review the Data Protection Commission’s probe into TikTok’s processing of children’s personal data, after the Irish authority was again unable to reach a consensus on a draft decision.

22 May 2023

Commission data chief said to waver on UK adequacy

A senior BT lawyer has revealed that the European Commission’s head of international data flows has concerns over whether the UK’s new data protection bill is compatible with the adequacy agreement between the two jurisdictions.

17 May 2023

Full ECJ hears clashing views on IP data retention

In the first privacy case heard by the European Court of Justice’s full court, EU governments have asked judges to approve the collection of IP address data to protect intellectual property rights despite civil society claimants arguing the practice constitutes illegal mass surveillance.

16 May 2023

Data Privacy Framework shot down by European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted against the EU’s proposed adequacy agreement with the US in a non-binding resolution, with lawmakers signalling their disapproval of the perceived lack of legal protections for citizens.

11 May 2023

AI Act moves closer to finish line

In a move that was broadly welcomed by industry and civil society, a political agreement has been adopted by European Parliament committees working on the AI Act, opening the door to a full vote expected for June.

11 May 2023

AI Act expected to pass by end of the year

Two MEPs have set out an aspirational timeline for the EU’s landmark AI legislation project, and addressed questions over high-risk AI systems and how it intends to regulate them.

10 May 2023

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