Region: European Union

UK declared adequate

Data should be able to continue to flow freely from the EU to the UK following the European Commission’s draft adequacy decision.

19 February 2021

ECJ set to consider GDPR immaterial damages

Europe’s highest court will decide whether consumers can claim compensation for GDPR violations that caused no financial harm – potentially leading to a massive increase in companies’ data protection risk exposure.

18 February 2021

TikTok data practices under attack again

A consumer rights organisation has slammed TikTok’s data practices, saying they fall foul of the GDPR and consumer protection law.

16 February 2021

A rocky road ahead: ePrivacy reactions

After four years of debate in the Council of the European Union, an updated version of the EU ePrivacy regime is moving forward. It’s a big victory for the Portuguese presidency of the council, which achieved what many previous presidencies could not – but the process isn’t over yet.

11 February 2021

ePrivacy finally gets moving

EU member state representatives have greenlit a proposed version of the ePrivacy Regulation, paving the way for negotiations after four years of delays.

10 February 2021

Sue Ireland over poor GDPR enforcement, MEPs say

An influential European Parliament committee is set to recommend that the European Commission sue Ireland over an alleged failure to properly enforce the GDPR – with an MEP slamming the Irish regulator’s rebuttal of the criticism.

04 February 2021

Zuckerberg and Cook butt heads over privacy

Two of the world’s most prominent technology chief executives have started a war of words over privacy and data-driven business models, in a battle that could spill over into the courts.

29 January 2021

What we learned from the UK and EU’s data transfer chiefs

European Commission international data flows boss Bruno Gencarelli and his UK counterpart Joe Jones spoke on a virtual panel yesterday about the state of play for the two jurisdictions in terms of data transfers, policy, and post-Brexit divergence. Here’s what we learned.

28 January 2021

New SCCs expected by March

The European Commission’s international data flows and protection chief has said the highly-anticipated new standard contractual clauses should be in place in just over a month.

27 January 2021

European Parliament hit with complaint over data transfers

A complaint against the European Parliament on behalf of six of its members over claims it allowed illegal transfers of personal data to the US could quickly reach Europe’s highest court.

25 January 2021

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