Region: European Union

Google French fine quashed

Following a landmark right to be forgotten ruling from the European Court of Justice, France’s highest court has struck down a decision that fined Google for refusing to remove listings off its search engine globally.

27 March 2020

European Central Bank boosts data analytics capabilities

The European Central Bank has implemented a new data analytics programme designed by a major telecoms company, which the central bank will use to share sensitive data across borders.

23 March 2020

Wiewiórowski: data protection momentum must continue

The European Data Protection Supervisor has reiterated its intention to lead on global data protection issues while maintaining its tight hold on the EU institutions it regulates.

19 March 2020

UK makes adequacy sales pitch

The UK government has begun its attempts to persuade the European Commission to grant the country adequacy post-Brexit – a decision worth billions, but which is dogged by doubts over the use of data by UK spying agencies.

18 March 2020

Coronavirus affects data regulators around the globe

The coronavirus outbreak is set to test the limits of institutions and organisations the world over – including data watchdogs.

17 March 2020

EU-wide calculator for GDPR fines in development

The European Data Protection Board is working on a tool to help authorities calculate fines for GDPR infractions, GDR has learned.

06 March 2020

GDPR certification ball starts rolling

Companies may soon be able to mark their processes as being GDPR-compliant and partially shield themselves from enforcement, as at least six European data protection authorities push forward with certification and code of conduct plans.

04 March 2020

Analysis: The GDPR in numbers

GDR has analysed recently-released figures from the European Data Protection Board in an attempt to help tell the story of the GDPR's success so far. The numbers look at enforcers' resources compared to their caseload, the powers they have used, and how they plan to ramp up their budgets in 2020.

27 February 2020

EDPB: GDPR mostly a success

The European Data Protection Board has seen no need to reform the GDPR, despite some challenges – but some see room for improvement.

26 February 2020

EDPB members show limited support for UK adequacy

European data protection authorities have delivered a blow to the UK’s post-Brexit data hopes, with only four of the European Data Protection Board’s members pushing for the European Commission to consider a UK adequacy decision.

25 February 2020

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