Region: European Union

ECJ advocate-general expands scope of access rights

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said controllers should reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests.

10 June 2022

EDPB rejects appeal for renewed PSD2 guidance

The EDPB has declined to update its guidance on the interplay of PSD2 and the GDPR, despite insistence from industry that the current directions are having a negative impact on the sector.

01 June 2022

Commission clarifies SCC rules

The European Commission has published a batch of Q&As on standard contractual clauses – the final piece of help for businesses handling data transfers to third countries.

27 May 2022

End-user transparency not the key objective of AI Act

A European Commission official has said that the upcoming AI Act will only regulate the relationship between the developers of AI systems and their customers because transparency is already well defined in the context of data subject rights under existing data laws.

25 May 2022

Private enforcement is not a last resort, lawyer says

A lawyer handling litigation against Uber has said courts are a key instrument in driving change, rather than a last resort to be used when regulators fail to act.

24 May 2022

EDPB fining guidelines may face similar struggles to German scheme

The European Data Protection Board announced their new GDPR fining guidelines last week, in a bid to harmonise regulators' different approaches to penalties throughout the EU. But what can Germany’s own controversial calculator tell us about such attempts at broad frameworks?

24 May 2022

EDPB to define strategic cases

The EDPB is establishing a set of definitions that aim to determine what qualifies as a strategic case, as part of its work to make cooperation between member state authorities on cross-border enforcement more effective.

24 May 2022

Proposed EU-US AI risk management road map may crumble under jurisdictional and corporate preferences

The lofty goals of a planned EU-US AI road map may be hampered by regulatory differences and corporate preference for self-regulation.

20 May 2022

Fractured deployment of NIS 2 could be headache for digital services

The political agreement between the European Parliament and European Council on the NIS 2 Directive brings the cybersecurity law closer to the finish line, but consensus in Brussels may belie the prospect of harmony between member states.

19 May 2022

Lawmakers trumpet DSA and DMA agreements as final votes loom

EU lawmakers are anticipating handing more powers to the European Commission as part of efforts to ensure new landmark pieces of data regulation are fit for the future.

18 May 2022

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