Region: European Union

Google to shift UK data control to US amid Brexit fears

Google’s US parent has become the service provider and data controller for UK users, in a move that may be linked to the possibility that the UK may fail to achieve a post-Brexit EU adequacy decision.

21 February 2020

EU could demand review of AIs before market entry

The European Commission’s new AI regulatory framework could lead to forced inspection of  AIs’ datasets and algorithms before they can operate in Europe.

19 February 2020

EU considers forced data sharing

The European Commission may boost compulsory corporate data sharing, in a move aimed to encourage the use and re-use of data across the bloc.

19 February 2020

Bavaria data chief “worried” about Schrems II responsibilities

The head of Bavaria’s data protection authority has told GDR that he is concerned about new obligations that Schrems II could impose on regulators.

12 February 2020

ECJ boosts pharma companies’ need for data strategies

Judgments that rejected a presumption of confidentiality for clinical study reports submitted for marketing authorisation have significant implications.

07 February 2020

Calls for EU-wide data regulator grow louder

More regulators have joined calls for a Europe-wide data watchdog to replace the one-stop-shop mechanism, while one lawyer has argued there would be “no downsides” to the creation of such an authority.

05 February 2020

Data Business Congress: alternative IP to resolve privacy/open data clash?

The US may look to import something akin to EU database rights to protect data investments, an American Express senior counsel has said.

04 February 2020

In ‘t Veld: data regulators’ resources are “laughable”

A prominent Member of European Parliament has told GDR that the resources given to European regulators to enforce the GDPR are “laughable” compared to the budgets of the companies they regulate.

03 February 2020

Industry group proposes "GDPR-friendly" adtech model

A newly formed industry group has proposed a "third way" for adtech based on GDPR principles – but onlookers say the proposals are unlikely to fix adtech’s problems.

03 February 2020

Facebook: Privacy laws will dampen 2020 ad revenue growth

Emerging privacy laws and other restrictions on targeted advertising will likely reduce Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2020, according to a senior executive at the company.

30 January 2020

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