Region: European Union

ECJ to weigh in on SAR tension with trade secrets

An Austrian court has asked the European Court of Justice to resolve questions about the amount of information organisations using algorithmic decision-making must divulge to fulfil subject access requests.

24 February 2022

Activists make final push for collective action in DMA

Consumer rights organisations and experts have urged lawmakers to strengthen the Digital Markets Act by providing an avenue for end users and their representatives to enforce it in national courts.

24 February 2022

Businesses worry as Data Act restrictions loom

Radical European Commission data-sharing legislation will add new complications for exporters of non-personal data.

23 February 2022

Belgian DPA fine sends shockwaves across the adtech industry

The Belgian Data Protection Authority’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) decision has made a bid to “restore order to the online advertising industry”. If upheld on appeal, says Linklaters partner Guillaume Couneson, the decision will affect the entire adtech ecosystem.

22 February 2022

European Commission seeks to guide Australia to adequacy

The European Commission has made suggestions on how Australia could revise its data protection laws, potentially paving the way to an adequacy agreement from Brussels.

21 February 2022

EDPB begins work on harmonising public sector cloud services

The EDPB has launched its enforcement action into the use of cloud services by public sector bodies, seeking to address an increasingly inconsistent supervisory landscape in its first-ever coordination of national investigative action.

17 February 2022

Reynders threatens action against member states for spyware use

The EU’s justice commissioner has said member states could face enforcement if they abuse spyware, as the commission called on member states to enact domestic legislation against illicit surveillance.

15 February 2022

ECJ to tackle German fines clash

Europe’s highest court is set to confirm whether Germany’s data protection authorities need to be able to blame individual managers in order to impose GDPR fines.

14 February 2022

Commission facing ombudsman inquiry over Irish enforcement

The European Commission is under scrutiny for alleged shortcomings in its oversight of Ireland’s enforcement of the GDPR.

10 February 2022

Luxembourg GDPR certification scheme moves closer to finish line

GDR has learned that Luxembourg plans to implement a raft of EDPB-suggested updates to a proposed nationwide certification scheme, marking the pan-European body’s first adoption of an opinion on a nationwide GDPR certification scheme.

09 February 2022

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