Region: France

Collective complaint over surveillance takes aim at French government

A digital rights group has lodged a collective complaint with the French data protection authority petitioning the watchdog to ban certain uses of video cameras, facial recognition and databases by the police.

26 September 2022

CNIL hits Infogreffe with €250,000 GDPR fine

The CNIL has fined a business registry with millions of account holders for password security failings, as well as for holding the personal data of inactive users beyond legal limits.

13 September 2022

Accor fine sextupled after EDPB intervention

France’s regulator has ordered hotel chain Accor to pay a €600,000 fine following the EDPB’s insistence that the initial penalty proposed by Paris was too low, marking the second time the EU body has substantially increased a fine in a cross-border case.

17 August 2022

Criteo faces €60 million fine

France’s data watchdog has proposed imposing a €60 million fine on adtech player Criteo.

08 August 2022

CNIL puts companies on notice over cybersecurity failings

France’s data regulator has put 15 companies on notice for website security issues as part of its strategic focus on cybersecurity audits.

08 July 2022

NGOs: France “will make use of any loopholes” to save anti-piracy data retention system

France’s Council of State has been accused of refusing to apply EU case law, in the latest data retention dispute before the highest European court.

06 July 2022

Amazon loses €35 million CNIL appeal

France’s highest administrative court has rejected Amazon’s appeal against a €35 million ePrivacy fine imposed over its use of advertising cookies.

28 June 2022

French government faces surveillance collective complaint

A digital rights group plans to file a GDPR complaint against France’s interior ministry and the government over their allegedly unlawful use of video cameras and facial recognition.

25 May 2022

Data regulators seek greater role in digital rules - CNIL report

European data watchdogs are suggesting they should be designated as national supervisory authorities for both the DGA and the AI Act according to the French regulator’s 2021 annual report, which also covered the CNIL’s approach to cookies and penalties.

12 May 2022

CNIL to overhaul investigations

France’s data regulator is aiming to reduce the time it takes to handle simple GDPR cases – with the reform likely to lead to a significant increase in the number of penalties it issues.

12 April 2022

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