Region: France

Personalised pricing needs consent, senior CNIL figure says

Personalised pricing could be the next target of civil society action, as a senior figure at the French data authority says that consent would be the only legal basis for such processing.

24 May 2023

Doctissimo faces €380,000 fine

The French regulator has fined health and wellbeing website Doctissimo €380,000 for having excessive data retention, failing to obtain individuals’ consent to the collection and use of their health data, and for unlawfully placing cookies on users’ devices.

17 May 2023

Full ECJ hears clashing views on IP data retention

In the first privacy case heard by the European Court of Justice’s full court, EU governments have asked judges to approve the collection of IP address data to protect intellectual property rights despite civil society claimants arguing the practice constitutes illegal mass surveillance.

16 May 2023

Austria follows suit with Clearview decision while French pressure builds

Austria’s privacy regulator is the latest European data watchdog to declare that Clearview’s data use is illegal.

10 May 2023

CNIL loses right to be forgotten appeal

France’s highest administrative court has overturned a decision by the country’s data regulator to reject an individual’s delisting request, and instructed it to force Google to de-list personal data.

25 April 2023

Data retention questions to be answered by ECJ’s full court

In the first privacy matter to reach the highest instance at the European Court of Justice, a controversial data retention case is scheduled to be heard by the Full Court.

24 April 2023

CNIL annuls penalty payments

A French company has been granted reprieve from penalty payments after it argued that it had already destroyed the files which it would have needed to comply with an injunction.

19 April 2023

CNIL fines scooter company over location data use

France’s data regulator has fined Cityscoot €125,000 for unlawfully collecting location data from its scooters, and held it responsible for its use of the Google reCAPTCHA tool.

28 March 2023

France plans new class action regime

New legislation could make France a more attractive jurisdiction for data protection class actions.

24 March 2023

CNIL fines mobile game publisher in latest tracking case

France’s privacy regulator has fined Voodoo €3 million for processing user browsing habits without collecting consent – the latest in an ongoing series of tracker-related actions by the regulator.

17 January 2023

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