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All tied up

France’s 1968 blocking statute has been a headache for French companies facing foreign disclosure requests for half a century. With reform potentially on the way, how could life be made easier for data holders currently caught between a rock and a hard place?

13 May 2019

Court cuts CNIL’s highest pre-GDPR fine

France’s highest administrative court has reduced a fine by the country’s data watchdog after finding it failed to take the target’s remedial action into account.

25 April 2019

French court strikes down historic Facebook data terms

France’s Tribunal de Grande Instance has annulled a slew of Facebook’s old user terms and conditions and fined the company €30,000, after finding that they failed to obtain proper consent for data processing and contained multiple breaches of consumer protection rules.

11 April 2019

CNIL adopts biometric regulation

The French Data Protection Authority has adopted a regulation for biometrics in the workplace, requiring employers to justify their use of devices that use the technology.

29 March 2019

CNIL and Google – is the size of the fine the whole story?

While the French authority’s Google fine grabbed the headlines for its size, McDermott Will & Emery partner Romain Perray in Paris argues that the decision is notable for other reasons too.

22 February 2019

Guadeloupe university must disclose admissions algorithms, court orders

A Guadeloupe court has ordered the president of the University of the French West Indies to release details of the algorithmic processes used by the school to process applications from prospective students.

21 February 2019

Google+ condemned by French court

A French court has fined Google €30,000 for “abusive and unlawful” clauses contained within the terms and conditions of the company’s now-defunct social media platform, Google+.

14 February 2019

EU mulls AI regulation

The European Commission is to consider approaches to regulating artificial intelligence in a report due to be published in mid-2019.

30 January 2019

French government appoints new CNIL president

Marie-Laure Denis is to take over the presidency of France’s data protection watchdog from Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, after being nominated to the position by the country’s president.

22 January 2019

Google ordered to pay first multi-million GDPR fine

France’s data protection authority has fined Google €50 million, saying the company violated the GDPR’s transparency requirements and failed to obtain valid consent from millions of users.

21 January 2019

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