Region: France

French court overrules Guadeloupe algorithm disclosure order

France’s highest administrative court has annulled a judgment that had ordered a university to make its candidate selection algorithm public.

21 June 2019

CNIL issues third GDPR fine

France’s data watchdog has fined translation agency Uniontrad Company €20,000 after the company ignored its warnings over employee surveillance and violated the GDPR.

18 June 2019

France limits data analysis of judges’ decisions

French lawmakers have introduced legislation which bans the inclusion of judges’ names in statistical analysis of court decisions, prompting concern about restrictions on data-driven businesses.

07 June 2019

CNIL targets poor data security for second GDPR fine

France’s data protection regulator has fined property development company SERGIC €400,000 after finding the company had failed to protect user data or put in place retention periods.

06 June 2019

Privacy NGO files new wave of ad tech complaints

Privacy campaigners have alleged breaches of the GDPR by real-time bidding practices for ads in nine EU countries.

05 June 2019

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Featured in Country surveys 2019

14 May 2019

Bird & Bird

Featured in Country surveys 2019

13 May 2019

All tied up

France’s 1968 blocking statute has been a headache for French companies facing foreign disclosure requests for half a century. With reform potentially on the way, how could life be made easier for data holders currently caught between a rock and a hard place?

13 May 2019

Court cuts CNIL’s highest pre-GDPR fine

France’s highest administrative court has reduced a fine by the country’s data watchdog after finding it failed to take the target’s remedial action into account.

25 April 2019

French court strikes down historic Facebook data terms

France’s Tribunal de Grande Instance has annulled a slew of Facebook’s old user terms and conditions and fined the company €30,000, after finding that they failed to obtain proper consent for data processing and contained multiple breaches of consumer protection rules.

11 April 2019

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