Region: France

French cookie consent policy delayed again

France’s data regulator will put its stricter tracking cookie guidelines on hold – having already delayed implementing them for almost a year.

25 March 2020

CNIL ups focus on adtech

France’s data authority has opened an investigation into an adtech company, while planning to increasingly focus on the industry as part of its 2020 priorities.

12 March 2020

GDPR roundup: biometrics, access rights, certification and cooperation

GDR’s latest roundup of news from European enforcers looks at regulatory developments regarding the use of biometric data, steps towards GDPR certification, subjects’ access rights and international cooperation.

10 March 2020

GDPR certification ball starts rolling

Companies may soon be able to mark their processes as being GDPR-compliant and partially shield themselves from enforcement, as at least six European data protection authorities push forward with certification and code of conduct plans.

04 March 2020

Cisco facial recognition system struck down

A French court has blocked the use of a Cisco facial recognition system used to regulate access to schools.

28 February 2020

CNIL turns up the heat on smart meter data collection

At least one major energy company has altered its smart meter consent and data retention policies after the French data regulator threatened enforcement.

12 February 2020

CNIL releases practical cookie consent guidelines

The French data watchdog is seeking feedback on new recommendations for practical ways of obtaining consent for cookies and other tracers.

16 January 2020

ECJ advocate-general sides with activists on bulk data interception

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has urged the court to rule that indiscriminate mass retention of metadata for national security purposes violates EU law.

15 January 2020

CNIL comes down on schools’ CCTV

After receiving more than 25 complaints last year, the French data watchdog has ordered 25 schools and colleges to modify their use of CCTV.

18 December 2019

Schrems files coordinated cookie consent complaint

A privacy non-profit led by Max Schrems has filed coordinated GDPR complaints in France on behalf of a user who refused cookies on various sites, only to find the website operators told adtech partners they had received consent.

10 December 2019

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