Region: France

Google and CNIL clash on global right to be forgotten

France’s data protection watchdog has insisted that delistings that follow right to be forgotten requests should apply globally, despite arguments from Google, Microsoft and a host of NGOs that such requests should only apply within the EU.

11 September 2018

Twitter terms and conditions causing “moral damage”, French court says

16 August 2018

Dailymotion hit with reduced CNIL fine

08 August 2018

CNIL complaints jump up

06 July 2018

Privacy activists demand EU action on bulk data retention

02 July 2018

France and Germany team up to study algorithms

19 June 2018

French constitutional court leaves GDPR bill largely intact

18 June 2018

Orrick, McDermott and Arsene steer Goldman Sachs gaming investment

04 June 2018

Schrems accuses US tech companies of relying on "forced consent"

25 May 2018

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