Region: France

Microsoft to continue hosting French health data – for now

A French administrative judge has refused to order France’s health database to stop processing personal information on Microsoft’s cloud, despite Schrems II-driven fears that US intelligence could access it – but France may nonetheless take the data away from Microsoft.

14 October 2020

ECJ blocks bulk data harvesting but allows targeted collection

The EU’s top court has confirmed that member states cannot order telecoms providers to indiscriminately harvest data for national security purposes, but ruled the practice can continue in exceptional circumstances.

06 October 2020

France’s facial recognition law attacked

A French advocacy group has asked the country’s highest administrative court to repeal a law that authorises law enforcement to use facial recognition technology.

11 August 2020

CNIL fines online retailer in cross-border case

France’s data regulator has fined an online shoe retailer for multiple GDPR infringements, marking its first fine as a one-stop-shop lead authority.

05 August 2020

What Google’s failed €50 million GDPR appeal means for the one-stop-shop

The judgment that ended Google’s French GDPR appeal provides some much-needed clarity on the one-stop-shop; organisations using data across borders in Europe should pay attention.

25 June 2020

CNIL loses on cookie walls, wins on everything else

France’s top administrative court has overruled the country’s data authority regarding “cookie walls”, stating that as an agency that only offers guidelines – so-called flexible laws – the authority cannot prohibit their use.

22 June 2020

GDPR roundup: coronavirus concerns continue

Work continued apace across the continent over the past two weeks as data regulators issued fines, warnings and guidance – often focusing on coronavirus-linked data protection concerns.

22 June 2020

Google loses €50 million GDPR appeal

France’s highest court has fully backed a decision to fine Google a record-breaking €50 million under the GDPR.

19 June 2020

CNIL faces loss on cookie walls

Multiple European regulators have forbidden linking website access to the use of tracking cookies – but an adviser to France’s top administrative court has said the country’s data watchdog was wrong to ban the use of cookie walls.

16 June 2020

Google faces €50 million CNIL appeal setback

France’s highest administrative court looks set to reject Google’s appeal against its record €50 million GDPR fine.

16 June 2020

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