Region: Germany

Barbara Thiel again fails to challenge successor appointment

An appeal court has said Lower Saxony’s former data protection head lacks standing in her challenge to the appointment of her successor.

18 September 2023

Regulators clash on FATCA

Germany’s federal data protection authority has found that the transfer of data from the EU for US tax law purposes complies with the GDPR, contradicting a decisions by at least two other EU regulators.

06 September 2023

German health data law reinstates state DPA jurisdiction

Germany’s health ministry has reversed a draft health data law provision that had sought to transfer wide-ranging responsibility to the country’s federal regulator.

05 September 2023

Selling shovels in the goldrush: AI newsletter 29 August 2023

OpenAI, still the wellspring of much of the enthusiasm around generative artificial intelligence thanks to the popularity of its ChatGPT models, is facing continued criticism, with formal complaints filed against it in the EU and Stanford researchers casting aspersions on its reliability. Meanwhile Arm and Nvidia, two of the biggest producers of the chips that underpin AI technologies, respectively announced a landmark IPO and doubling of year-on-year revenue.

29 August 2023

German regulator to rule on contested appointment of own new head

A German data protection expert has filed a complaint with the Saxony-Anhalt regulator against the appointment process of its next head, after two courts rejected his claim that the procedure was unlawful.

21 August 2023

German health data law under fire

German consumer organisations and medical industry groups have warned the government that its draft health data bill does not sufficiently safeguard citizens’ data, and called for improved safeguards to prevent the misuse of their personal data.

16 August 2023

Berlin company fined over employee data processing

The Berlin state regulator has ordered an unidentified company to pay €215,000 after finding it illegally processed sensitive information about its employees during their probation period.

02 August 2023

Meta faces German claims over data leak

Thousands of German citizens have sued Meta over a 2021 Facebook data leak – leading to one court issuing a ruling that appears to contradict an Irish Data Protection Commission fine.

20 July 2023

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern regulator approves medical data sharing amendment

The state’s government has announced its plans to remove legal hurdles for medical research using health data.

12 July 2023

Legitimate interest lessons in the Meta GDPR/antitrust judgment

Practitioners say the European Court of Justice’s restriction of the availability of legitimate interest for personalised advertising may not affect certain types of advertising – although alternatives may prove more workable.

05 July 2023

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