Region: Germany

Hamburg regulator uses GDPR urgency rules to chase Facebook

Hamburg’s data protection authority plans to block Facebook from collecting WhatsApp user data, using the GDPR’s urgency provision to bypass the Irish watchdog.

13 April 2021

Mailchimp customer data transfers scrutinised

A Mailchimp customer has dropped the service after intervention by a German data regulator over concerns the popular email platform may be subject to US surveillance laws.

26 March 2021

German court sends Facebook questions to ECJ

The European Court of Justice is set to weigh in on the German competition authority’s high-profile Facebook case.

25 March 2021

Longstanding data regulator tensions go public

A simmering spat between EU data protection authorities has boiled over, with the heads of the Irish and German regulators engaging in a war of words over the way the GDPR has been enforced.

18 March 2021

Multimillion-euro German fine overturned, but fight continues

A €14.5 million GDPR fine against a German realtor is the latest blow to German data watchdogs’ enforcement efforts – but the regulator that levied the penalty said it will fight the court’s decision.

26 February 2021

Schrems II enforcement process begins in Germany

German data protection authorities will soon interrogate companies on their compliance with the new data transfer rules mandated by the Schrems II ruling.

19 February 2021

ECJ set to consider GDPR immaterial damages

Europe’s highest court will decide whether consumers can claim compensation for GDPR violations that caused no financial harm – potentially leading to a massive increase in companies’ data protection risk exposure.

18 February 2021

Clubhouse data protection practices face scrutiny

Popular audio social media app Clubhouse has said it is changing its data protection policies following an investigation by academics – but it still faces a probe by German data regulators.

15 February 2021

Clearview AI profiles illegal, Hamburg regulator says

Hamburg’s data watchdog has ordered controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI to delete a biometric profile it deemed unlawful.

28 January 2021

German fine calculation set for more scrutiny

The same legal team that secured a 90% reduction of a German multimillion-euro GDPR penalty is representing a retailer in its fight against a new €10.4 million GDPR fine.

08 January 2021

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