Region: Germany

ECJ to tackle German fines clash

Europe’s highest court is set to confirm whether Germany’s data protection authorities need to be able to blame individual managers in order to impose GDPR fines.

14 February 2022

German lawsuit takes on the CLOUD Act

A court battle is underway in the German state of Hesse to determine the legality of the Cookiebot service, after the most recent appeal saw an emergency injunction against its use annulled.

09 February 2022

Munich court follows in Austria’s footsteps with Google Fonts damages

A court in Munich has found that a defendant illegally transferred data through the use of Google Fonts, in what some are seeing as an early example of a trickle-down effect from Austria’s landmark Google Analytics decision.

01 February 2022

Advocate-general says member states can add extra DPO protection

A European Court of Justice advisor’s opinion leaves member states open to creating national laws covering data protection officers’ dismissals that would strengthen officers’ independence within companies.

28 January 2022

German regulators publish expert opinion on US surveillance risk

The expert opinion will guide German regulators’ approach to the risk that personal data transferred to the US will be intercepted.

26 January 2022

ECJ to weigh in on DPO dismissals

The European Court of Justice is set to clarify the conditions under which data protection officers can be dismissed, following three separate referrals from the German federal labour court.

14 January 2022

ECJ advocate-general says consumer groups can sue Facebook

A European Court of Justice official has supported the right of consumer groups to launch data protection lawsuits, potentially opening a new front in GDPR battles against Facebook and others across the EU.

02 December 2021

ECJ urged to restate data retention rules – again

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has reiterated that member states’ bulk data interception could breach EU law.

18 November 2021

German government says GDPR fines can’t be directly issued against companies

Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior has sided with a previous German court decision that would limit the availability of corporate GDPR fines.

08 November 2021

German court expands SAR rights

A German court has ruled that copies of emails are covered by GDPR subject access requests.

15 October 2021

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