Region: Germany

“Law is not maths”: the fight over fine calculation in Germany

GDR explores the German data protection authorities’ controversial fine calculator.

01 December 2020

German cookie consent dispute appealed

A German court has ruled that a legal search company did not properly obtain consent for cookies, but the company has appealed against the judgment.

30 November 2020

Schrems attacks Apple tracker

Noyb has filed two complaints to European data protection authorities against Apple over its tracking technology.

17 November 2020

Multimillion-euro German fine slashed

A German court has heavily reduced a multimillion-euro fine issued last year against telecommunications company 1&1, in a decision that may dent German regulators’ confidence in their fine calculations.

12 November 2020

German regulator slams data retention plans following ECJ ruling

Shortly after a landmark ruling in Europe’s highest court, the German federal data protection regulator has called for EU policymakers to permanently ditch blanket data retention.

13 October 2020

German companies uncertain if Office 365 use is lawful

Following a probe by German data regulators, companies in the country face uncertainty about whether they can continue to lawfully use the ubiquitous Microsoft Office 365 software.

08 October 2020

Office 365 data protection under attack again

German data protection officials have followed in the footsteps of EU and Dutch regulators by raising concerns about data protection issues with Microsoft’s Office 365 software.

05 October 2020

H&M hit with second-largest GDPR fine to date

Hamburg’s data protection authority has slapped clothes retailer H&M with a €35 million fine over its workplace surveillance practices, despite praising the company’s “unprecedented acknowledgment of corporate responsibility”.

01 October 2020

Hamburg fights narrow processing judgment

Hamburg’s data watchdog is fighting a court ruling that stopped it from enforcing against the owner of an insolvent hospital’s premises that contained unsecured patient data.

27 August 2020

German cookie crackdown begins

German regulators have launched a large-scale investigation into cookie consent practices, starting with the country’s media organisations.

24 August 2020

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