Region: Germany

Member states have autonomy for GDPR fining, Deutsche Wohnen tells ECJ

Deutsche Wohnen has told the ECJ that German law stopping regulators from fining companies without identifying culpable managers takes precedence over the GDPR – exposing divisions between Germany and the European Commission over the clash between GDPR fining provisions and national laws.

17 January 2023

German GDPR fines at stake in ECJ hearing

The EU’s highest court is set to decide whether Germany’s data protection authorities must hold individual managers responsible when imposing GDPR fines.

16 January 2023

German court sends health data questions to ECJ

A German court has referred issues about sensitive health data to the EU’s highest court amid a pharmacists’ battle over the admissibility of data protection complaints in competition cases.

12 January 2023

Mastercard settles German data breach claims

Mastercard has settled damages claims following a data breach that disclosed the credit card information of 90,000 consumers, avoiding a Federal Court of Justice ruling on the GDPR burden of proof that could have affected damages claims across Europe.

05 January 2023

German court adds to cookie banner troubles

A Munich court has cited the Belgian regulator’s IAB right to bid decision to support a ruling that a news website’s cookie banner does not comply with data protection law.

03 January 2023

Q&A: Meike Kamp

Two months into her tenure as the new head of the Berlin data protection authority, Meike Kamp tells GDR her views on the new Privacy Shield replacement and how ongoing questions about the GDPR’s interpretation should be resolved.

09 December 2022

ECJ strengthens right to be forgotten

The European Court of Justice has said search engine operators have an obligation to delist results containing inaccurate information, but that it is up to individuals seeking to enforce their right to be forgotten to prove the content is inaccurate.

08 December 2022

ECJ to hear more access right questions

A German court has referred a series of questions on the scope and enforceability of access rights to the European Court of Justice.

29 November 2022

Germany sets out health data principles

The coalition of German privacy regulators has set out a range of principles intended to underpin future data protection-compliant research based on health data.

25 November 2022

Germany to declare use of Microsoft 365 by public authorities unlawful

A working group led by the Bavarian data protection authority is set to publish a report finding that public authorities cannot use Microsoft 365 in a legally compliant manner.

24 November 2022

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