Region: Germany

Contact-tracing approaches diverge worldwide

As governments and people across the world seek an exit strategy to coronavirus lockdown, contact tracing apps have been touted as a powerful tool – but data privacy concerns have led to differing approaches by health authorities.

06 May 2020

German watchdog hits back at coronavirus draft law

Germany’s federal data regulator has warned against proposed powers to combat the spread of covid-19 – saying the amendments to the country’s emergency health law curtail fundamental rights.

26 March 2020

Bremen data regulator stifled by lack of resources

The head of a German state data protection authority has complained the watchdog has been held back from enforcing the GDPR due to a lack of resources – but has promised more action soon.

24 March 2020

GDPR certification ball starts rolling

Companies may soon be able to mark their processes as being GDPR-compliant and partially shield themselves from enforcement, as at least six European data protection authorities push forward with certification and code of conduct plans.

04 March 2020

Amazon faces GDPR investigations over lack of message encryption

Max Schrems’ NGO has told regulators that Amazon has failed to implement basic data protection measures for its Marketplace email operations, potentially exposing the IP addresses, email addresses and names of millions of users.

24 February 2020

Hamburg regulator calls for “legal reorientation” of the GDPR

Hamburg’s data regulator has said the GDPR’s one-stop-shop mechanism is “cumbersome, time-consuming and ineffective”, leaving many decisions “on ice”.

14 February 2020

Details of Facebook’s first GDPR fine emerge

Facebook will not contest a €51,000 GDPR penalty it was ordered to pay over its failure to notify a data protection officer.

14 February 2020

Bavaria’s new data regulator keeps fingers crossed for Schrems reversal

Michael Will has just started a five-year tenure as Bavaria’s data protection chief. He spoke to GDR about cooperation, consistency and contractual clauses.

13 February 2020

Bavaria data chief “worried” about Schrems II responsibilities

The head of Bavaria’s data protection authority has told GDR that he is concerned about new obligations that Schrems II could impose on regulators.

12 February 2020

Calls for EU-wide data regulator grow louder

More regulators have joined calls for a Europe-wide data watchdog to replace the one-stop-shop mechanism, while one lawyer has argued there would be “no downsides” to the creation of such an authority.

05 February 2020

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