Region: Germany

Facebook fan pages face German ban

Public bodies in Germany will be made to deactivate their Facebook fan pages after a report found that sites violated laws on cookies and the GDPR.

30 March 2022

German state body hit with €1.9 million GDPR fine

The Bremen state data watchdog has said a state-owned housing association’s €1.9 million penalty would have been significantly higher if the company had not cooperated extensively with the investigation.

07 March 2022

ECJ to weigh in on SAR tension with trade secrets

An Austrian court has asked the European Court of Justice to resolve questions about the amount of information organisations using algorithmic decision-making must divulge to fulfil subject access requests.

24 February 2022

German court sends biometric data questions to the ECJ

An administrative court has sent a case on the inclusion of fingerprints in government ID cards to the European Court of Justice, giving a second run at an issue on which Belgium’s highest court ruled last year.

17 February 2022

German court holds managing director personally liable for GDPR breaches

A German court has ordered both a company and a senior executive to pay €5,000 in non-material damages under the GDPR, classifying the director as a responsible person for the breaches under the legislation.

15 February 2022

ECJ to tackle German fines clash

Europe’s highest court is set to confirm whether Germany’s data protection authorities need to be able to blame individual managers in order to impose GDPR fines.

14 February 2022

German lawsuit takes on the CLOUD Act

A court battle is underway in the German state of Hesse to determine the legality of the Cookiebot service, after the most recent appeal saw an emergency injunction against its use annulled.

09 February 2022

Munich court follows in Austria’s footsteps with Google Fonts damages

A court in Munich has found that a defendant illegally transferred data through the use of Google Fonts, in what some are seeing as an early example of a trickle-down effect from Austria’s landmark Google Analytics decision.

01 February 2022

Advocate-general says member states can add extra DPO protection

A European Court of Justice advisor’s opinion leaves member states open to creating national laws covering data protection officers’ dismissals that would strengthen officers’ independence within companies.

28 January 2022

German regulators publish expert opinion on US surveillance risk

The expert opinion will guide German regulators’ approach to the risk that personal data transferred to the US will be intercepted.

26 January 2022

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