Region: Germany

ECJ: websites with Facebook Like buttons are joint controllers

The EU’s highest court has ruled that operators of websites that use Facebook Like buttons are joint controllers for website visitor personal data collected and sent to the social media company – but not when it comes to Facebook’s subsequent processing of the data.

29 July 2019

German regulator fines police officer

Baden-Württemberg's data regulator has fined a police officer €1400 after he used a police database for his own purposes.

19 June 2019

Telecoms regulation doesn’t cover Gmail, ECJ rules

Google’s Gmail service falls outside the scope of EU telecommunications regulation, the European Court of Justice has concluded, shielding the popular email service from data protection and other obligations.

13 June 2019

Privacy NGO files new wave of ad tech complaints

Privacy campaigners have alleged breaches of the GDPR by real-time bidding practices for ads in nine EU countries.

05 June 2019

German enforcer: Innovation in digital economy is all about data access

The head of Germany’s Monopolies Commission has praised Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon for investing in innovation – but said they need to grant greater access to rivals.

04 June 2019

German watchdogs issue €500,000 for GDPR breaches

German data protection authorities in 15 federal states have issued almost half a million euro in fines since May 2018, but observers say this amount is still relatively low compared to other countries.

24 May 2019

Police bill violates EU law, says German state authority

Lower Saxony’s data protection authority has said a new police and public order bill remains non-compliant with European data privacy standards, despite recent revisions.

21 May 2019

Government access to flight passenger data challenged in Germany

A former European Parliament civil liberties committee head has challenged a German law and underlying EU directive that gives government agencies extensive access to flight passenger data.

17 May 2019

Break up data’s market power, German antitrust chief says

The Facebook case brought by Germany’s Federal Cartel Office is a first step to break up market power in the digital economy, the head of the agency has said.

17 May 2019

Clifford Chance promotes in tech group

Clifford Chance’s promotion of 30 lawyers around the world, in its largest partner round since 2008, includes several lawyers with experience of data law.

02 May 2019

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