Region: Hungary

ECJ advocate-general weighs in on purpose limitation

An EU advocate-general has argued that personal data processing for the purpose of fixing a technical fault was justified under the GDPR, despite data subjects not being notified – but has said the information should not be stored for an excessive amount of time.

31 March 2022

Reynders threatens action against member states for spyware use

The EU’s justice commissioner has said member states could face enforcement if they abuse spyware, as the commission called on member states to enact domestic legislation against illicit surveillance.

15 February 2022

Hungary on the offensive over Pegasus scandal

Hungary’s data protection authority has given its blessing to the government’s use of the notorious Pegasus spyware, saying that deployment of the technology was justified on national security grounds and threatening criminal action against those involved in uncovering its use.

07 February 2022

ECJ to determine regulatory/judicial competence clash

The EU’s highest court will clarify whether courts or data protection authorities take priority when determining if GDPR infringements have taken place.

26 May 2021

Hungarian data authority fines Forbes

The Hungarian data authority has fined Forbes over the publication of its well-known list of wealthy figures, saying its legitimate interest test failed to properly consider subjects’ rights.

11 August 2020

Ireland turns down Google adtech case

Hungary has taken action against Google after its lead regulator declined to handle a subject access request investigation.

28 July 2020

NGOs threaten litigation over covid-19 data-sharing

A coordinated effort by nine European civil liberties organisations to force governments to protect privacy while sharing data to tackle covid-19 may lead to litigation.

08 June 2020

Pressured EDPB set to grill Hungary over GDPR suspension

The European Data Protection Board is facing pressure to take a position on the Hungarian government’s decision to suspend part of the GDPR.

12 May 2020

Hungary under fire for GDPR suspension

The Hungarian government's emergency decision to suspend parts of the GDPR has drawn the ire of the head of the European Data Protection Board, with the body set to discuss the situation at its next official meeting.

07 May 2020

Hungarian competition watchdog fines Facebook for “free” claims

Hungary’s competition watchdog has fined Facebook €3.6 million over claims its services are “free”, saying the company gains value from user data.

09 December 2019

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