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World Bank: privacy isn’t just for rich countries

A new World Bank study has concluded that developing countries have the capacity to enforce comprehensive privacy laws – but warned that it may be too costly for small businesses in those jurisdictions to comply with complex laws like the GDPR.

01 April 2021

Parents urged to hand over details for TikTok class action

A Dutch privacy non-profit is collecting information from parents to bolster an impending collective lawsuit against video-sharing app TikTok which claims the app is failing to protect children.

26 August 2020

IBM: Remote working increases average cost of a data breach

An IBM study has found that the cost of a data breach slightly declined over the last year, but suggested that the increased prevalence of remote working due to the covid-19 pandemic will increase costs in future.

17 August 2020

Google cuts data collection

Google is overhauling its data retention policies following a slew of battles over its data privacy practices.

26 June 2020

Most data breaches expose personal information, study finds

The majority of data breaches expose personally identifiable information, according to the findings of a new Verizon report which analysed thousands of incidents.

21 May 2020

Data rights still poorly protected worldwide, studies find

A wide-ranging UN study has found that a third of the world’s governments have not introduced laws that protect data rights, while separate research has concluded that Europe’s landmark data protection regime is failing to protect individuals.

05 May 2020

Community news roundup: EU seeks cybersecurity and AI experts

GDR’s latest community roundup brings news of privacy and data protection partner hires at international law firms and a call for cybersecurity experts to join EU expert groups.

21 April 2020

Telcos share location data for coronavirus efforts

Data regulators have greenlit wide scale data-sharing practices as telecommunications companies across the globe hand over location data to health authorities to assist in the fight against coronavirus.

20 March 2020

Community news roundup: firms press on with data hires

The latest GDR community news roundup sees various international law firms strengthen their IT and privacy practices, a new telecoms boutique in Peru and the hire of TikTok’s first chief information officer.

13 March 2020

Study: GDPR boosted Google market share and cut third-party cookies

Google’s market share has risen “significantly” since the GDPR went into effect and led to a decrease in the number of websites placing third-party tracking cookies, a study has found.

11 March 2020

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