Region: Ireland

Report: Outdated technology holding back Irish GDPR enforcement

An Irish NGO says the country’s GDPR enforcement efforts are being hampered by a long-delayed Data Protection Commission IT update.

09 February 2021

Sue Ireland over poor GDPR enforcement, MEPs say

An influential European Parliament committee is set to recommend that the European Commission sue Ireland over an alleged failure to properly enforce the GDPR – with an MEP slamming the Irish regulator’s rebuttal of the criticism.

04 February 2021

Irish regulator confirmed as lead authority for TikTok

The already-overwhelmed Irish data protection authority has added yet another controversial technology operator to the ranks of companies it regulates.

22 January 2021

DPC to move against Facebook transfers

Ireland’s data watchdog has agreed to reach a decision in an investigation of Facebook’s EU-US data transfers.

13 January 2021

Irish Twitter fine looks set to stay despite objections

Despite facing harsh criticism from regulators and privacy activists, Ireland’s GDPR Twitter fine seems likely to go unchallenged.

07 January 2021

Irish Twitter fine reveals EDPB enforcement split

An Irish decision to impose a €450,000 GDPR data breach fine on Twitter has revealed stark differences in approaches to data protection enforcement across Europe.

15 December 2020

Skyscanner on the hook for Ryanair data scraping injunction costs

An Irish judge has ordered Skyscanner to bear some of its own costs despite winning a preliminary dispute about its allegedly illegal collection of Ryanair’s data, ruling that the travel agency was “non-forthcoming” about how it had obtained the data.

24 November 2020

GDPR dispute resolution mechanism used for first time

The European Data Protection Board has used the GDPR’s dispute resolution mechanism for the first time since the law came into force, after regulators were unable to agree on Irish enforcement against Twitter.

10 November 2020

Schrems II costs order to place “heavy burden” on Irish regulator

An Irish judge has ordered Ireland’s Data Protection Commission to cover costs Max Schrems incurred in the Schrems II European Court of Justice case – but acknowledged that her decision will place a “very heavy financial burden” on the cash-strapped regulator.

03 November 2020

Facebook European dating service back on after initial stumble

Ireland’s data regulator approved Facebook’s new dating service, months after raiding the social media giant’s offices because of privacy concerns with the new offering.

22 October 2020

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