Region: Ireland

Irish watchdog investigations target Facebook

Nearly half the investigations Ireland's data protection commission opened into multinationals in 2018 focused on Facebook companies.

01 March 2019

Ad lobby and activists clash over bidding protocol

Online advertising’s main trade body has hit back over a series of privacy complaints that accuse the industry’s advertising auctioning system of inherently causing a data breach that affects “virtually every user on the web”.

22 February 2019

“Surprising” confusion around GDPR, says Irish commissioner

The Irish data protection commissioner has observed a surprising level of confusion around the type of complaints that data subjects can successfully bring under the GDPR.

30 January 2019

Interview: Anna Morgan and Marita Kinsella

Irish data officials discuss cooperation and the GDPR.

20 December 2018

Irish court strikes blow to data retention and access regime

An Irish judge has ruled that the country’s data retention and access regime for the purposes of fighting serious offences falls foul of EU law and European Convention on Human Rights standards.

10 December 2018

Irish judge throws out wrongful conviction appeal

The Irish Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal in a businessman’s claim against the Irish national police for breaches of his rights as a data subject due to its “incompetent record keeping”.

06 December 2018

NGO calls for international data broker, credit scoring and ad tech investigations

Privacy International has complained to three European data watchdogs that several data brokers, credit referencing agencies and ad tech companies are in breach of the GDPR.

08 November 2018

Irish watchdog to consult on children’s data issues

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission is set to look into issues relating to the specific standards of data protection applicable to children under the GDPR.

31 October 2018

GDPR a success but a work in progress, regulators say

A panel of European data protection officials has agreed the GDPR has been a success so far – but that there is still work to be done.

26 October 2018

Twitter facing investigation by Irish enforcer

The Irish Data Protection Commission has launched an investigation into Twitter after an academic complained that the social media company had not given him information he had requested regarding its link shortening service.

16 October 2018

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