Region: Israel

Israel proposes special treatment for EEA data

In an attempt to safeguard its EU adequacy assessment, the Israeli government has proposed additional obligations for recipients of EU data in the country.

01 December 2022

Pegasus spyware faces first UK legal challenge

NSO Group has rejected claims made on behalf of three civil society leaders and human rights activists whose phones were allegedly hacked by the UAE and Saudi Arabian governments using the company’s technology.

20 April 2022

US judge denies BrandTotal’s bid to delay discovery

Cost and the potential for bankruptcy are not justifiable reasons to relieve analytics firm BrandTotal of its discovery obligations in a dispute with Facebook, a US judge has ruled.

11 January 2022

Israel eyes reform as EU reviews adequacy decision

Israel’s government is considering a raft of amendments to the country’s privacy law that would include an expansion of its regulator’s enforcement powers.

09 November 2021

US government sanctions NSO Group

The Department of Commerce has sanctioned Israeli firms NSO Group and Candiru on the grounds that they developed and supplied spyware used to maliciously target government officials, journalists, businesspeople, activists, academics, and embassy workers.

03 November 2021

Facebook: BrandTotal’s new allegations still don’t pass muster

Facebook has filed a motion to dismiss counterclaims by analytics firm BrandTotal in US federal court, as the two parties prepare to square off again in a data scraping dispute that bears resemblance to the long-running hiQ v LinkedIn litigation.

29 March 2021

BrandTotal revives antitrust claims against Facebook

Analytics provider BrandTotal has renewed allegations that Facebook wrongly booted it from the social media platform – challenging an earlier ruling that Facebook’s restrictions were in accordance with Federal Trade Commission requirements to combat automated data scrapers.

10 March 2021

NSO Group appeals for immunity from WhatsApp spying lawsuit

Israeli surveillance company NSO Group has appealed against a lower court’s decision that denied it sovereign immunity from WhatsApp’s claims that it spied on the platform’s users.

18 November 2020

Israel blocks Privacy Shield transfers

EU-adequate Israel has followed the European Court of Justice’s lead in stopping companies from using the Privacy Shield mechanism from transferring data to the US.

30 September 2020

Israeli surveillance company seeks to quash WhatsApp suit

Embattled Israeli company NSO Group has moved to dismiss a lawsuit filed by WhatsApp over its alleged exploitation of a vulnerability in the messaging service – saying its technology is indispensable for crime fighting efforts.

03 April 2020

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