Region: Italy

Italy suspends covid-19 app

Italy’s privacy watchdog has temporarily blocked a platform that monitors individuals’ covid-19 status.

07 June 2021

Clearview faces multiple GDPR complaints

A group of NGOs has filed coordinated complaints about Clearview AI’s data scraping to regulators in numerous European countries – but enforcement of any regulatory decisions could be tough.

27 May 2021

Facebook Italian appeal fails

The Italian Council of State has rejected arguments that the country’s consumer protection regulator was unable to fine Facebook for its data practices due to the existence of the GDPR.

01 April 2021

Italian competition authority issues another data fine

The Italian regulator responsible for competition law has fined a toll booth company for failing to properly explain to users how it processes their data – mirroring similar decisions by the same authority against Facebook.

22 March 2021

Facebook hit with second Italian fine over data notices

Italy’s competition regulator has fined Facebook €7 million for its failure to clearly explain to users how it makes money from their data.

17 February 2021

TikTok ordered to stop processing

Italy’s data protection watchdog has ordered TikTok not to process the data of children under the age of 13.

25 January 2021

Deliveroo rider algorithm ruled discriminatory

An Italian court has found that an algorithm used by Deliveroo to allocate work to delivery riders is discriminatory.

06 January 2021

Big-ticket Italian fines half the size of headline figures

Two Italian companies ordered to pay some of the largest fines under the GDPR actually only paid 50% of the penalties announced by the country’s data regulator.

07 December 2020

Italy slaps Vodafone with multimillion-euro fine

Italy’s data watchdog ordering Vodafone to pay a €12.25 million GDPR fine marks an increase in the regulatory heat the company faces for its marketing practices.

17 November 2020

Italian enforcer launches Google online advertising probe

Italy’s Competition Authority has raided Google’s Italian office over allegations the tech company abused its dominance in the online display advertising market by preventing rivals from accessing user data.

05 November 2020

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