Region: Italy

Telecoms company receives Italy’s highest GDPR fine

Italy’s data protection authority has handed out the second-highest GDPR fine to date to a telecoms company for “serious” data protection violations related to its marketing activity.

04 February 2020

Facebook on the hook in Italy over business model

Italy’s antitrust watchdog plans to fine Facebook for its failure to adhere to an order forcing the company to tell its users how it monetises their data.

29 January 2020

Italian regulator calls for EU-wide action on TikTok

Italy’s data watchdog has asked the European Data Protection Board to assemble a taskforce to deal with concerns about TikTok.

28 January 2020

Italian watchdog hits gas company with multimillion-euro GDPR fines

Italy’s data protection authority has ordered a major gas supplier to pay fines totalling €11.5 million.

20 January 2020

Facebook’s failed Italian appeal confirms data’s economic value

An Italian court has rejected an appeal by Facebook against €10 million in fines it received from the country’s competition watchdog, saying consumer protection laws also apply to the processing of personal data because of its economic value.

13 January 2020

Italian watchdog official: We want to work with the ICO post-Brexit

A top official at the Italian data protection regulator has said that he hopes to continue working closely with his UK counterparts should the country leave the EU.

29 October 2019

Names not needed for right to be forgotten, Italian data regulator argues

The Italian data regulator has told Google that the right to be forgotten applies even when an individual is not identified by name.

26 July 2019

Italian watchdogs call for legislative backing to police digital economy

Italy’s data, competition and communications watchdogs have said they need wider powers to police the digital economy, including reforms to merger control and a ramping up of fines for violations of the country’s consumer code.

10 July 2019

Italian watchdog fines Facebook €1 million

Italy’s data protection authority has fined Facebook over its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

01 July 2019

Privacy NGO files new wave of ad tech complaints

Privacy campaigners have alleged breaches of the GDPR by real-time bidding practices for ads in nine EU countries.

05 June 2019

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