Region: Italy

Apple, Google and Dropbox under investigation in Italy

Italy’s competition authority suspects Apple, Google and Dropbox misled clients about how the cloud giants monetise their data.

09 September 2020

Italian watchdog appoints new chiefs

The Italian data regulator has recruited a new president and vice-president, and has welcomed several individuals to its board.

30 July 2020

Third-largest GDPR fine issued

The Italian data protection authority has continued its pursuit of telecommunications companies, issuing a fine of just under €17 million against telco Wind Tre.

14 July 2020

Italian bank fined over lax data security

Italy’s data authority has fined UniCredit over its use of a third-party app that resulted in a data breach affecting more than 750,000 people.

01 July 2020

NGOs threaten litigation over covid-19 data-sharing

A coordinated effort by nine European civil liberties organisations to force governments to protect privacy while sharing data to tackle covid-19 may lead to litigation.

08 June 2020

Regulators loom large over covid-19 data sharing efforts

European data protection authorities continue to play a significant watchdog role during the coronavirus pandemic, with Belgian and Dutch regulators chiding their governments’ data-sharing efforts and the Italian watchdog greenlighting its country’s contact tracing app.

02 June 2020

GDPR roundup: fines, TikTok, Apple, covid-19 and more

European data regulators appear to be making good on their promise to continue their work, with a noticeable uptick in enforcers’ activity across the continent.

21 May 2020

GDPR roundup: biometrics, access rights, certification and cooperation

GDR’s latest roundup of news from European enforcers looks at regulatory developments regarding the use of biometric data, steps towards GDPR certification, subjects’ access rights and international cooperation.

10 March 2020

Telecoms company receives Italy’s highest GDPR fine

Italy’s data protection authority has handed out the second-highest GDPR fine to date to a telecoms company for “serious” data protection violations related to its marketing activity.

04 February 2020

Facebook on the hook in Italy over business model

Italy’s antitrust watchdog plans to fine Facebook for its failure to adhere to an order forcing the company to tell its users how it monetises their data.

29 January 2020

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