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Tencent enters the arms race: AI newsletter 11 September 2023

The importance of marching in lockstep to develop harmonised standards for AI continues to be on the lips of every politician in front of a microphone, while at home governments are busy doing whatever they think best – the UK with its new safety evaluation process, the US with yet another boldly bipartisan proposal, and Japan with a new proposal for some guidelines. Meanwhile, yet another global tech giant has deployed a large language model.

11 September 2023

Global pressure on ChatGPT increases

Japanese and German regulators are the latest to turn their attention to ChatGPT and the perceived risks of generative AI, with both inquiring into how parent company OpenAI handles personal data.

02 June 2023

Japan adequacy agreement review shows greater policy alignment

The European Commission’s first review of the EU-Japan adequacy agreement has found that the world’s largest safe data transfer area is functioning well, despite noting the relatively low levels of enforcement by Japan’s data regulator.

06 April 2023

EU trade hopes clash with privacy concerns

The European Commission is hoping to close a clutch of new data-heavy trade deals in 2023, but some lawmakers are concerned about compromises to citizens’ privacy rights.

21 March 2023

Japan revised guidelines tighten data security

Guidelines published to supplement Japan’s data privacy law will increase the compliance burden for organisations engaging in data transfers and processing, but also provides necessary clarifications.

09 August 2021

Japan crackdown on Line messaging app starts

Japan’s increasingly muscular data protection authority has ordered the operator of a popular messaging app to improve its practices following a high-profile data transfer mishap.

27 April 2021

Japan’s data regulator beefs up

The Japanese data protection authority has received a budget boost following a high-profile data scandal in the country.

19 April 2021

Politicians hit out at UK-Japan data flows plans

A group of British members of parliament have slammed international data transfer agreements proposed as part of a trade deal between the UK and Japan.

02 December 2020

Japan’s privacy amendments finalised

Business-friendly amendments to Japan’s data protection framework passed into law last Friday – but will only come into effect at some point within the next two years in order to allow businesses to prepare.

17 June 2020

Japan tightens data protection rules

The Japanese government has introduced a slew of amendments to its data protection law which strengthen individual data rights and up enforcement measures to include jail time.

16 March 2020

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