Region: Latvia

Latvian watchdogs clarify AML data processing

The Latvian data authority and financial regulator have issued guidance for the processing of personal data in the context of anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance by the finance industry.

31 May 2022

Latvian DPA audit reveals GDPR cookie breaches

The Latvian data regulator’s preventative checks into the country’s largest e-commerce platforms found at least one violation of EU rules on cookies on the websites of all 26 companies it inspected.

18 February 2022

ECJ adopts pro-aggregator database rights stance

The European Court of Justice has ruled that database rights only prevent online data scraping and reuse when those activities affect database makers’ investment.

07 June 2021

CV-Online Latvia: complicating database right enforcement

Toby Bond at Bird & Bird in London analyses a European Court of Justice opinion that could affect companies’ use of database rights to protect their information assets.

21 January 2021

ECJ could make database rights harder to enforce

A senior adviser to the European Court of Justice has recommended an interpretation of EU database law that would make it more difficult for companies to prevent the harvesting and re-use of their data.

15 January 2021

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