Region: Mexico

Mexico strikes down post-mortem data deletion law

The Mexican Supreme Court has struck down a requirement for entities to automatically delete individuals’ data in the event of their death, ruling it incompatible with the country’s constitution.

04 January 2023

Mexico’s president continues efforts to shut down independent data regulator

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is continuing to pursue a plan to shutter the country’s independent data regulator, despite warnings that such a move could violate the law and harm Mexico’s international reputation.

16 February 2021

Mexico data official calls for privacy regime overhaul

A commissioner for Mexico’s data protection authority has urged the country’s government to update its legislation to align the country with the GDPR and Council of Europe’s Convention 108+.

10 September 2019

INAI investigates app developer leak

Mexico’s privacy regulator is investigating two third-party Facebook app developers following allegations that they are responsible for leaking data relating to 540 million users.

10 April 2019

Mexican watchdog slams government spyware use

Mexico’s privacy watchdog has alleged a government department violated the country’s privacy laws by buying a licence to use spyware.

25 February 2019

Mexico’s INAI requires more authority, say local lawyers

Lawyers in Mexico say the country’s data protection authority needs more power to properly enforce legislation and implement sanctions.

20 February 2019

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