Region: Netherlands

Dutch regulator says passport database is a “goldmine” for hackers

Netherland’s data regulator has criticised a legislative proposal for a centralised database storing photos, signatures and fingerprints relevant to passport documentation, saying it contains gaps in personal data protection.

30 January 2023

Winter break 2022 round-up

2022 was yet another busy year for data protection, and even as GDR took a brief break from its usual programming over the Christmas period there were still developments worth noting. We’ve rounded up the most important stories from the end of the year, from fines to class action arguments to new jobs for those at the top of the privacy world.

03 January 2023

Data Changemakers: Evelyn Austin

Netherlands-based Bits of Freedom director Evelyn Austin says policy development should move towards “public-private-civic” partnerships, and that litigation efforts might be needed to remove some of the barriers faced by civil society working on mitigating the harms caused by large platforms.

02 December 2022

Dutch government urged to scrutinise cloud policy risks

The Dutch privacy regulator has expressed concerns regarding the government’s plan to store its data with cloud services.

14 November 2022

TikTok privacy lawsuit moves forward in Dutch court

TikTok has failed to dismiss Dutch mass litigation on jurisdictional grounds.

09 November 2022

Twitter threatened with new Dutch privacy class action

A Dutch NGO is threatening to file a class action lawsuit against Twitter on behalf of millions of users in the Netherlands, the latest in a string of mass claims Big Tech is facing in the country.

08 November 2022

Dutch banking data-sharing proposal moves forward

Against a backdrop of privacy concerns, the Dutch government is set to scrutinise a bill proposing that banks jointly monitor customer transaction data to combat money laundering.

24 October 2022

Claimant-side stakeholders criticise GDPR private enforcement hurdles

Defence lawyers welcomed a recent European Court of Justice opinion that could severely restrict the availability of non-material damages under the GDPR – but claimant-side observers have warned that shutting down non-material damages will further undermine the regulation’s effectiveness.

21 October 2022

ECJ to clarify GDPR legitimate interests

The European Court of Justice will rule on the Dutch data watchdog’s controversial interpretation of legitimate interest – a second opportunity to gain clarity after its VoetbalTV fine was overturned.

28 September 2022

Dutch watchdog’s fining method under scrutiny

A government report has raised concerns about lack of clarity in the Dutch data regulator’s penalty calculations, as well as other issues around the country’s implementation of the GDPR and data breach reporting.

07 September 2022

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