Region: Netherlands

TikTok receives GDPR fine

The Dutch data watchdog has ordered TikTok to pay €750,000 after finding it infringed children’s privacy rights – but the company has vowed to appeal against the penalty.

22 July 2021

Dutch court allows Facebook class action to proceed

Facebook has failed to dismiss Dutch collective litigation against it at an early stage.

08 July 2021

TikTok faces second Dutch mass lawsuit

A consumer protection organisation has threatened to file a €1.5 billion child privacy-focused GDPR collective action against TikTok – weeks after another body filed a similar opt-out claim.

28 June 2021

Dutch regulator issues rare fine for EU representative requirement

The Dutch data protection authority has issued a first-of-its-kind fine against a website operator for failing to appoint an EU representative, in what could serve as a warning to UK companies doing business in the EU.

13 May 2021

First Dutch GDPR fine reduced

A court has upheld the Netherlands’ first GDPR infringement decision but slashed the €460,000 fine by almost a quarter.

15 April 2021

Tracking is dead, Google says

Google has promised not to track people from site to site, saying it will not replace third-party cookies with alternative ways of identifying users.

03 March 2021

GDPR immaterial damages pressure builds

The head of the Dutch data protection authority has said compensation for violations of the GDPR which do not cause financial harm should be the rule rather than the exception – adding to a movement that has recently gained momentum.

22 February 2021

GDPR questions heading to Dutch Supreme Court

The highest court in the Netherlands will consider questions about the GDPR’s right to be forgotten and right to object, following a series of diverging judgments about credit reference data.

12 February 2021

Dutch regulator set to gain hundreds of staff

The Dutch data protection authority looks set to hire hundreds of new staff and receive tens of millions of euros in new funding.

10 February 2021

Regulators pressure Apple into data notice changes

Apple will soon add easy-to-understand notices on its app store explaining how apps use personal data, following pressure from an international group of consumer protection authorities.

09 December 2020

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