Region: New Zealand

Authorities warn about data scraping following rise in reports

Ten data protection authorities have warned social media network operators of the need to comply with data scraping rules.

24 August 2023

New Zealand uses new enforcement powers for first time

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has received the country’s first compliance notice – marking the first such measure used since a 2020 legislative overhaul.

17 September 2021

New Zealand court stops broadcaster from using stolen data

A district health board has turned to the courts to prevent Radio NZ from using hacked data.

05 August 2021

New Zealand to establish consumer data right framework

New Zealand’s government has agreed to establish a consumer data right framework in order to give individuals and businesses greater choice and control over their data.

09 July 2021

New Zealand cracks down on credit reporter

New Zealand’s data regulator has found a major consumer credit reporting agency illegally circumvented credit reporting privacy rules through its use of an affiliated company.

24 September 2020

New Zealand set to modernise data protection framework

New Zealand legislation designed to address  21st century data protection issues is close to being enacted – but some observers say that it does not have sufficient enforcement powers or data protection safeguards.

12 June 2020

New Zealand probes alleged credit reporting privacy dodge

21 October 2019

DomainTools looks to overturn data scraping injunction

Domain name analysis company DomainTools has asked a US court to overturn a preliminary injunction stopping it from using New Zealand domain name data.

11 December 2018

Study calls for more mass data interception scrutiny

A report on legal safeguards against bulk surveillance regimes has urged more judicial oversight in protecting civil rights.

13 November 2018

New Zealand court denies damages to Aon data subject

An Auckland tribunal has ruled that Aon New Zealand violated an insured’s privacy rights after taking too long to grant her access to her data, but refused to grant her damages.

13 November 2018

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