Region: Norway

Norway fines public welfare agency over GDPR breaches

Norway's public welfare agency is facing a 20 million NOK (€1.7 million) fine issued by the country’s data protection authority over a “very serious” mishandling of personal data.

28 November 2023

Norway DPA ordered to reach decision

Norway’s Privacy Appeals Board has sent a complaint back to the country’s data watchdog after finding it should have reached a decision on a data controller’s processing.

14 November 2023

Meta consent option under regulatory scrutiny

Data protection authorities in the EU are assessing the legality of Meta charging users in the bloc to opt out of ads on Instagram and Facebook.

08 November 2023

Meta targeted ad order extended across the EU

The European Data Protection Board has permanently banned Meta from using two legal bases to process data for behavioural advertising, adding more pressure to adtech operators’ attempts to use contract or legitimate interest for similar processing.

01 November 2023

Grindr fights Norwegian regulator

A Grindr lawsuit says a Norwegian decision misreads the GDPR and will lead to “vast negative consequences” for companies.

31 October 2023

Grindr loses appeal

A Norwegian tribunal has rejected Grindr’s argument that its users had freely agreed to the use of their personal data for advertising purposes.

29 September 2023

Russian taxi app data transfer ban lifted

The Finnish and Norwegian privacy regulators will no longer ban taxi app Yango from transferring customer data to Russia – but the case is not yet closed.

27 September 2023

Meta bid to delay Norway targeted advertising ban fails

A Norwegian court has upheld an order temporarily banning behavioural advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

06 September 2023

Russian data transfer ban postponed

The Finnish and Norwegian privacy regulators have postponed the data transfer ban issued to taxi service Yango in light of new information on Russian taxi legislation.

01 September 2023

Authorities warn about data scraping following rise in reports

Ten data protection authorities have warned social media network operators of the need to comply with data scraping rules.

24 August 2023

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