Region: Norway

Grindr fine forwarded to Norwegian appeal board

A record million fine imposed on Grindr by the Norwegian watchdog last year has reached the next stage in the appeal process, GDR has learned.

07 December 2022

Norwegian cloud guidance causes confusion

Norway’s data watchdog has been forced to intervene after post-Schrems cloud guidance from the government conflicted with the regulator – but the bodies are working together to find alignment.

29 September 2022

Norway DPA fines public welfare agency

The Norwegian regulator has fined the country’s welfare agency 5 million NOK (€480,000) for unlawfully making jobseekers’ CVs available on its recruitment platform.

27 June 2022

Norway DPA investigates statistics agency

Norway’s data regulator has launched an inspection of the government’s statistics bureau, after it ordered the county’s largest supermarket groups to provide information about customer transactions.

06 June 2022

Norway upholds Google’s refusal to delete search results

The Norwegian privacy appeals board has sided with the regulator and Google on a right to be forgotten case, refusing the claimant’s request to have his name deleted from search engine results relating to a prison sentence.

02 March 2022

Norwegian DPA presses government for new cookie rules

The Norwegian data protection authority has pressured the country’s government to bring rules for cookie consent in line with European standards, in the wake of headline-grabbing fines by the French regulator.

14 February 2022

More DPAs confront Google Analytics

Norway, Denmark and Guernsey are the first European territories to acknowledge the recent decision on Google Analytics by the Austrian data watchdog, publishing warnings to companies that current safeguards may not be sufficient to meet Schrems II requirements.

28 January 2022

Norwegian GDPR fine struck down after investigation delays

Norway’s privacy appeals board has overturned a fine issued by the country’s data watchdog after finding it took too long to process a case – and said it would have reduced the penalty in any event.

12 November 2021

Norwegian regulator issues ransomware fine

Norway’s data protection authority plans to fine a local municipality 4 million (€407,500) kroner after a ransomware attack exposed the data of residents and employees.

02 November 2021

Norway issues GDPR fine over China transfers

Norway's data regulator has fined a company 5 million kroner (€489,000) for illegally transferring personal data to China.

01 October 2021

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