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More Splunk for your buck: AI newsletter 25 September 2023

While industry voices continue to back the merits of open source large language model development, the money continues to flow to a few familiar names while the less familiar ones get snapped up. Cisco has just handed over the GDP of Honduras for AI-driven cybersecurity (and much else) provider Splunk, while familiar face Anthropic AI gets a $4 billion cash injection from Amazon. On the regulatory side, tinkering continues at the edges of the EU AI Act while the US gets another legislative proposal to add to its deck.

25 September 2023

Polish regulator investigates OpenAI

Poland’s data protection authority is looking into OpenAI following a complaint over the company’s processing of personal data.

20 September 2023

OpenAI targeted by Polish complaint

The developer of ChatGPT is being accused of processing personal data without the proper consent and of failing to adequately protect user data.

30 August 2023

Selling shovels in the goldrush: AI newsletter 29 August 2023

OpenAI, still the wellspring of much of the enthusiasm around generative artificial intelligence thanks to the popularity of its ChatGPT models, is facing continued criticism, with formal complaints filed against it in the EU and Stanford researchers casting aspersions on its reliability. Meanwhile Arm and Nvidia, two of the biggest producers of the chips that underpin AI technologies, respectively announced a landmark IPO and doubling of year-on-year revenue.

29 August 2023

Polish DPA paralysed by politics

The head of the Polish data protection authority is holding onto his position by a technicality, as disagreement between the country’s two main political parties leaves them unable to agree on a successor.

30 June 2023

ECJ says Polish reforms breached GDPR

The European Court of Justice has said controversial changes to Poland’s judicial system infringed the bloc’s data protection rules, as part of an ongoing legal battle between the country and the European Commission.

06 June 2023

Polish regulator says court ruling questions its independence

Poland’s privacy regulator has expressed concern over a court decision to annul a fine, saying the ruling sets a “dangerous direction” by calling into question its independence and competence.

31 March 2023

Polish court reverses landmark GDPR decision

A Polish court has annulled a penalty by the privacy regulator against, ruling the regulator erred in the proceedings by rejecting a request for expert opinion.

30 March 2023

Polish court dismisses appeal over employee error delaying breach notification

A Polish court has ruled that a company fined over a late ePrivacy data breach report could not use an employee’ error to justify the delayed notification.

09 March 2023

ECJ case may create “significant” insolvency hurdles

A recent European Court of Justice referral could influence the debate over the tradability of data, with insolvency lawyers raising concerns that the case could restrict the ability of creditors to satisfy claims over databases.

20 January 2023

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