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GDPR roundup: enforcers press on

GDR’s latest GDPR roundup features fines and investigations from authorities that are keeping themselves busy in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. GDR has reported on a global data enforcement slowdown – but there is still plenty to watch out for.

06 May 2020

GDPR roundup: biometrics, access rights, certification and cooperation

GDR’s latest roundup of news from European enforcers looks at regulatory developments regarding the use of biometric data, steps towards GDPR certification, subjects’ access rights and international cooperation.

10 March 2020

GDPR enforcement roundup: Polish appeal, Vodafone Spain, hefty Dutch fine

Three recent GDPR decisions across the EU – one in an appeal court and two by enforcers – show the continuing evolution of the law, the varying severity of fines levied and the pushback from companies against regulators. GDR rounds up the stories here.

03 March 2020

Polish court upholds Bisnode decision but dismisses fine

A Polish court has upheld the country’s first GDPR enforcement action – but has overturned the fine and ordered a recalculation.

16 December 2019

Poland hits shopping site with its largest GDPR fine to date

Poland’s data watchdog has fined the shopping site around €650,000 for a data breach it claims affected more than 2 million people.

19 September 2019

Polish watchdog issues second GDPR fine

Poland's data protection authority has fined the Lower Silesian Football Association, marking the regulator's second GDPR fine in two months.

17 May 2019

Bisnode receives first Polish GDPR fining decision over scraped data

Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office has fined data analytics company Bisnode for a GDPR infringement that it said affected more than 6 million people.

27 March 2019

Ad lobby and activists clash over bidding protocol

Online advertising’s main trade body has hit back over a series of privacy complaints that accuse the industry’s advertising auctioning system of inherently causing a data breach that affects “virtually every user on the web”.

22 February 2019

Disclosure law declared unconstitutional by Polish court

Poland’s constitutional court has declared that a provision allowing IP rights holders to request information from third parties that hold or use goods that they believe infringe those rights to be unconstitutional.

18 February 2019

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