Region: Russian Federation

Russia increases data localisation pressure

Russian authorities have fined Google and opened cases against WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter over violations of its personal data law – part of what observers say is a growing crackdown against the tech giants.

02 August 2021

Russian hacker jailed for 12 years for US financial data theft

A US federal judge has handed a Russian hacker a 12-year prison sentence for his role in a massive financial data theft scheme that netted hundreds of millions of dollars in criminal proceeds.

11 January 2021

No respite for big tech from Russian localisation rules

A planned delay to Russian data localisation rules appear to have been mostly scrapped.

06 October 2020

Russia to delay localisation rules

Russia’s government is considering postponing localisation requirements until 2022 as a concession to IT and telecommunications companies.

02 September 2020

Facebook and Twitter face Russian localisation escalation

Facebook and Twitter face ever-increasing fines in Russia over data localisation issues, as well as the threat of a ban from operating in the country – but observers say authorities are unlikely to block the services.

18 February 2020

Russia introduces instant messaging anti-anonymisation rules

Russia has introduced identification rules for instant messaging platform users in a bid to increase online security.

10 May 2019

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