Region: Spain

Twitter, Equifax and Telefónica in Spanish enforcement deluge

Spain’s data protection authority has lifted an enforcement pause, revealing cases against Twitter, Equifax, Telefónica and dozens of other targets.

11 June 2020

NGOs threaten litigation over covid-19 data-sharing

A coordinated effort by nine European civil liberties organisations to force governments to protect privacy while sharing data to tackle covid-19 may lead to litigation.

08 June 2020

GDPR certification ball starts rolling

Companies may soon be able to mark their processes as being GDPR-compliant and partially shield themselves from enforcement, as at least six European data protection authorities push forward with certification and code of conduct plans.

04 March 2020

GDPR enforcement roundup: Polish appeal, Vodafone Spain, hefty Dutch fine

Three recent GDPR decisions across the EU – one in an appeal court and two by enforcers – show the continuing evolution of the law, the varying severity of fines levied and the pushback from companies against regulators. GDR rounds up the stories here.

03 March 2020

Collusive algorithms drive Spanish real estate probe

Spain’s competition authority has raided real estate brokers on suspicion they used algorithmic software to illegally fix commission rates.

29 November 2019

Browsing enough for cookie consent, according to Spanish guidelines

In guidance that seemingly contradicts advice by its French counterpart, Spain’s data regulator has said that continuous browsing can be used to obtain consent.

11 November 2019

Electricity consumption data is personal data, Spanish court says

Spain’s Supreme Court has dismissed an electricity company’s appeal against a rule by the Secretary of State for Energy allowing a state electricity body to collect individuals’ electricity consumption data, but has ruled that such information is personal data.

29 August 2019

Spanish watchdog fines cosmetics company over mistaken identity processing

Spain’s data protection authority has fined Avon Cosmetics €60,000 after it failed to verify the identity of one of its representatives before listing them on a debt register.

29 August 2019

Spanish organisation seeks to force public source code disclosure

An NGO has sued Spain’s government over its decision to withhold the source code for an algorithm used to determine eligibility for an electricity subsidy.

21 August 2019

Spanish football league to challenge GDPR penalty

Spain’s data protection watchdog has ordered La Liga to pay a €250,000 penalty for allegedly spying on users of its mobile app without their consent – but the league is set to appeal against the fine.

12 June 2019

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