Region: Sweden

Swedish court says GDPR complainants are parties to investigation

The Stockholm administrative court said a decision by the data regulator to exclude an individual from an investigation into a complaint he filed was incompatible with the GDPR, in a case that could force the watchdog to radically revise its enforcement model.

02 November 2022

Danske Bank first to gain AML data processing permission in Sweden

Sweden’s data regulator has allowed Danske Bank to process information about its own customers across different branches in order to fulfil its anti-money laundering obligations, but warned that the bank must still comply with the GDPR overall in doing so.

10 October 2022

ECJ adviser clarifies interactions between GDPR and civil procedural rules

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said the GDPR applies to orders for the provision of evidence in civil proceedings, forcing courts to balance the interests of affected data subjects against those who seek evidence.

07 October 2022

Swedish DPA draws boundary between constitution and GDPR

Sweden’s data protection authority has reprimanded Verifiera for processing sensitive personal data without the right permissions – a decision which will help to define the boundary between the country’s unique ‘publishing certificates’ and the GDPR.

14 September 2022

Swedish watchdog continues Facebook pixel crackdown

Sweden’s data protection authority is investigating a remote healthcare company over the collection of personal data from two of its websites through Facebook pixels and the subsequent transfer of that data to Meta – only two weeks after opening a similar probe into pharmacy chains.

16 June 2022

Sweden investigates pharmacy chains over Facebook transfers

The Swedish data watchdog is investigating three pharmacy chains over the collection of personal data from visitors to their web shops through Facebook pixels and the subsequent transfer of that data to Meta.

06 June 2022

Swedish health data concerns threatens background check businesses

A new investigation by Sweden’s data protection authority could see limits placed on the ability of third parties to monetise the country’s unusually open approach to government data, particularly court records.

26 April 2022

Klarna fined for GDPR breaches

Sweden’s data protection authority has fined ‘buy now, pay later’ company Klarna 7.5 million kronor (€726,330) for failings in its privacy notice – but the company has said it intends to appeal.

29 March 2022

Swedish stance on article 60 cooperation gets cool reception

The Swedish regulator’s approach to article 60 of the GDPR has led to fears that it could undermine the harmonisation principle behind the legislation’s one-stop-shop.

26 January 2022

Swedish court upholds Google fine

A Swedish appeal court has ordered Google to pay 50 million kronor (€4.9 million) after finding it had illegally informed webmasters when it removed search results under the right to be forgotten.

01 December 2021

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