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GDPR roundup: enforcers press on

GDR’s latest GDPR roundup features fines and investigations from authorities that are keeping themselves busy in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. GDR has reported on a global data enforcement slowdown – but there is still plenty to watch out for.

06 May 2020

Google fights multimillion-euro GDPR right to be forgotten fine

Google will appeal a €7 million Swedish fine for a failure to comply with delisting requests.

11 March 2020

GDPR roundup: biometrics, access rights, certification and cooperation

GDR’s latest roundup of news from European enforcers looks at regulatory developments regarding the use of biometric data, steps towards GDPR certification, subjects’ access rights and international cooperation.

10 March 2020

Sweden fines credit reporting company

Sweden's data regulator has fined a credit reporting company for violations of the GDPR and the country’s credit information law.

16 December 2019

Sweden transfers Google case to Ireland following EDPB opinion

The Swedish data regulator has transferred an investigation into Google’s use of location data to Ireland following an opinion issued by the European Data Protection Board, in the first decision of its kind.

22 August 2019

Sweden targets biometric data in first GDPR fining decision

Sweden’s data protection authority has penalised a school that used facial recognition cameras to track its students’ attendance.

21 August 2019

Arbitration award upheld in fintech dispute

A Swedish court has upheld a Swedish Chamber of Commerce arbitration award in a dispute over an e-identification system for mobile phones.

15 July 2019

Sweden investigates Spotify over SARs

The Swedish data watchdog is investigating Spotify over allegedly inadequate responses to subject access requests.

13 June 2019

Swedish watchdog opens investigation into Klarna Bank

The Swedish data protection authority has opened an investigation into Klarna Bank after receiving complaints over the bank’s data processes.

03 April 2019

Swedish watchdog investigates telecoms company

Sweden’s data watchdog has begun an investigation into Voice Integrate Nordic telecoms company after recorded phone calls between citizens and the national medical hotline appeared online.

05 March 2019

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