Region: Switzerland

Authorities warn about data scraping following rise in reports

Ten data protection authorities have warned social media network operators of the need to comply with data scraping rules.

24 August 2023

New Swiss data law brings sanctions for individuals

The final version of Switzerland’s new data protection law has been published, giving executives a year to prepare themselves for the possibility of criminal sanctions for data breaches.

02 September 2022

Revised Swiss Data Protection Act gets official start date

Switzerland’s new data protection act is due to come into force on 1 September 2023, almost three years after it was passed in parliament.

04 March 2022

Proton avoids Swiss retention rules

A Swiss court has ruled that privacy-centric Proton Mail is not a telecommunications provider and exempted it from the country’s data access and retention requirements.

28 October 2021

Swiss authority questions CLOUD Act compliance

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Justice believes the CLOUD Act could breach existing data protection rules and possibly endanger Switzerland’s EU adequacy status.

24 September 2021

Anticipating adequacy, Switzerland passes new data law

The Swiss parliament has passed a new federal data protection law after years of wrangling – with observers saying the new legislation is likely to earn the country an EU adequacy decision.

29 September 2020

Swiss Privacy Shield deemed inadequate

In the wake of Schrems II, Switzerland’s data protection authority has found that the US-Swiss Privacy Shield is not up to scratch.

08 September 2020

Community news roundup: data practices continue to grow

GDR’s latest in community news sees data hires across private practice, a new office in Silicon Valley, and an addition at the Pentagon.

07 August 2020

GDPR prevents US bank data transfer

A Luxembourg court won’t allow a Swiss bank subject to a US international tax investigation to disclose a client’s bank data to US prosecutors.

13 July 2020

GDPR roundup: French yearly report, facial recognition, credit agencies and more

This latest roundup of activity by European data protection watchdogs shows that they remain busy enforcing and advising on a range of issues.

09 June 2020

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