Region: United Kingdom

UK data reform legislation returns – again

Initial reactions suggest businesses will broadly welcome the latest draft overhaul of the UK’s data protection framework, but concerns remain over how the EU will respond.

08 March 2023

Tech company claim over ex-employee data disclosure succeeds

A High Court judge has granted an injunction application against a convicted criminal and his wife who had threatened to illegally disclose a fintech company’s data to individuals they wrongly claimed were the victims of a data breach.

08 March 2023

ICO to appeal Experian judgment

John Edwards has confirmed that the ICO will challenge its recent defeat in the Experian case.

08 March 2023

Soriano GDPR and libel litigation settles

A libel and data protection case that raised questions about the extraterritorial application of the GDPR has settled, according to a statement that came one day after businessman Walter Soriano failed again to stop the defendants from obtaining his US banking data.

06 March 2023

Bird & Bird hires former ICO legal director as privacy partner

James Moss, director of legal services at the UK data protection authority, has joined Bird & Bird as a partner in its London privacy and data protection practice.

01 March 2023

Hacked telecoms company awarded $4.4 million

An English court has ordered Orange Liberia to pay damages to a rival telecoms company that was hacked under the instruction of Orange Liberia staff, but awarded a fraction of the damages initially sought.

01 March 2023

High Court criticises “mess” of Equiniti lawsuit

A High Court judge has voiced "bewilderment and amazement" at the state of a group data breach lawsuit, with the defendant company warning that allowing the case to go ahead could lead to a flood of hundreds of class actions.

28 February 2023

Costs scrutinised in Equiniti lawsuit

A High Court judge today voiced concerns about a low-value data protection and misuse of private information claim that is set to rack up more than £5 million in costs.

27 February 2023

Meta to shift UK users to US terms

The UK data regulator is assessing Meta’s decision to migrate UK users from its Irish subsidiary to its US parent.

27 February 2023

Soriano seeks again to stop US banking data disclosure

A UK businessman is fighting an English judge’s refusal to block GDPR and libel defendants from obtaining banking data through the Manhattan federal court.

21 February 2023

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